Review: Please shop anywhere else


    This shop gives small businesses a bad name. I’ve tried to get ahold of this shop on 6 different occasions. This sellers communication is spotty at best. In reply to my negative review on Etsy, she claims I sent her a message Friday evening. I messaged her Wednesday. I have screen shots. It seems the only way to get a reply out of the seller is to post negative reviews publicly. So, here I am in all my shining Karen glory.
    I placed this order on 11/27. Says the order was supposed to have been shipped out 12/9. I waited until 6am on 12/15 to message the seller and ask if it would be here on time or if I needed to order another gift. USPS has still not seen any packages from this seller as of 12/21. After messaging her a second time, she told me she would check with USPS. That was on Thursday when she responded. That’s the only message I ever received from her. She didn’t even bother to respond when I reached out to tell her I would probably have to open a case with Etsy. I’m now out 3 secret santa gifts and no time to Christmas shop as I’m working Christmas this year. I work 12 hour shifts in a hospital. Kindness does indeed go a long way. Try to be kinder to your customers.