Candlemart lilac candles and wax melts
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    Candlemart candles and wax melts
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    Candlemart candles and wax melts

    Candlemart’s selection includes container candles of all sizes and fragrances, scented wax melts, and unscented white and ivory event candles including: pillars in multiple sizes, floating candles, tapers, and votives. Some of our popular brands include Timberwick and Aromabeads Singles. A few of our best selling fragrances are Ember Glow, Vanilla Brulee, Gilded Prosecco, Mood Indigo, Cedar Oakwood, Winter Balsam, Hawaiian Delight and Warm Gingerbread. We have over 30 fragrances of scented wax beads, including bulk bags; and over 50 fragrances of clamshell cubed wax melts. Best selling 5 wick richly fragranced luxury candles. We know you want to experience as many of the fragrances as possible for yourself, so we include a free full size sample with every order. We offer free shipping on orders over $49 (US48) and for orders under $49 (US48) flat $5.99 shipping so you can know the shipping costs up front.

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    Why choose Hanna’s Candle Company &

    30 Years of Made in the USA

    All of our products are poured and assembled in the United States. While keeping our imported raw materials at a minimum, we continue to explore opportunities to work with companies right here at home. 30 years of investing in your American neighbors, and in the local economy in Arkansas.

    Green Initiative

    Our commitment to the environment is evident when you look at our improvements made in our plant and manufacturing processes. One example is our plant lighting. Our upgrade to 100% T-5 lighting produces better and more natural light while using less energy
    and emitting less heat. We are unwavering in our use of recycled materials.

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