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    Purveyors of Sensual Living

    Close your eyes and just imagine being submerged in a multi-sensory experience. The flickering flame dancing atop a candle, accompanied by richly scented fragrance, gently filling the room with an irresistible aroma. And then it happens. You are enveloped in a pleasurable, indulgent experience that will ease emotional tension and arouse the senses. Gavin Luxe products tell a story. There is a little sensuality in everyone; love, connectivity, fascination, desire, mystery, passion; we all experience it. As we unwind and relax, these emotions are heightened and it’s what we become. Gavin Luxe products provoke the inevitable.


    Note From Candlefind:
    The luxurious candles from Gavin Luxe are richly scented and have a clean, long-lasting burn. Founded in 2013, the scents are unique and custom blended for some amazingly good home fragrances. Our favorite is the extremely popular Rich Bougie Auntie collection, which includes a travel tin, standard sized candle, room spray, and body glow lotion. It’s a unique blend of coconut, cedar, and tonka bean, with a surprise of benzoin and cedar in the mix! It’s fabulous…trust. There are several other collections that are equally as good and distinctive.
    The glossy black vesels of the large (12oz) sized candles are sophisticated and add a sense of elegance to your home. The standard sized jars are 10oz and there are travel tin sized candles for your scent on the go. In addition to their candles, they offer room sprays and some amazing incense.
    Gavin Luxe Candle Company
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