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    Proud to make America's best fragrances.

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    1498 S Wallace Wilkinson Blvd. , Liberty, Kentucky 42539, United States
    We specialize in highly scented jar candles! Our candles are all poured in the U.S. with the highest quality ingredients available. We stand behind the quality or our products!
    • Safety
      Unlike our competitors, we guarantee that our candles are not made with harmful or banned chemicals. Our candle fragrances are IFRA approved and safe for your home. We also use lead-free, 100% cotton wicks.
    • USA Made
      Our candles are proudly made in the USA by people you can trust with ingredients you can trust! You can feel safe using our products. Our products are produced in safe, comfortable work enviroments.
    • Fragrance
      We design and create our fragrances and we know what goes into our formulas. Fragrance strength is our biggest selling point. We promise you will smell a potent, pleasant aroma when burning our candles.
    • Price
      The best part yet! Our candles are nearly half the cost of our competition. Cleaner burning, longer lasting & more fragrant. It couldn’t get any better!
    Note From Candlefind:
    Goose Creek Candle Company is one of the biggest names in mass produced candles, with a huge fan base and scores of delectable fragrances. You will literally find something for just about everyone’s scent preferences here, as they carry a wide variety of fragrances. If you find a fragrance you do love here, we recommend stocking up, as they retire scents frequently. There are some staple fragrances that seem to always be found, such as Autumn Romance, Butter Cookie, and Strawberry Jam.
    The large apothecary jars they have carried forever are made with paraffin wax. Goose Creek made the decision to phase these out, so there are not many paraffin candles left to choose from on the site. They have moved to soy blend products for both candles and wax melts.
    Even though we will miss the paraffin jar candles, Goose Creek Candle Company is still one of our favorite candle companies! We have more than enough inventory to savor the older formula candles, and plenty of room on our shelves to bring in the new.
    Goose Creek Candles
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