Review: I love this company!


    I love this company! Like the above poster, my favorite is “INDIAN PAINTBRUSH”! It is like no other fragrance that I have ever come across. It smells like a combination of wild flowers, musk and resins. I have purchased this scent in jars and tarts. The tarts and jars both have a wonderful throw. ~And you know it’s hard to find a jar candle that throws like a tart! 😉 Bridgewater used to have many terrific scents to offer but ,sadly, they have just cut down their scent line to about 12 scents and Indian Paintbrush as well as many others have been discontinued. I have always loved Bridgewater candles because they burn clean and have a great throw. I understand them wanting to revamp their line and go with soy, but they should have tried to keep many more of their scents.