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Candle NewsBox Reveal: July 2021, Party Like It's 1776

Box Reveal: July 2021, Party Like It’s 1776

Find out what all was included in our July subscription boxes!

Candlefind Subscription Box Reveal

The month of July has brought us many things…heat waves, the 4th of July, and summer vacations. We’ve been working on our July 2021 candle subscription box for several months and were glad to see it finally come to fruition. It’s been a challenge getting and sending out packages without damage from the summer heat, but we’ve found these cooling packs that are helpful for shipping in the sweltering sun. Now on to see what was actually in the boxes!

About Our Box Reveals

We don’t discuss the full content of our boxes until they have shipped out, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise. After boxes have started to leave our doors, we post our monthly box reveal, going through all the contents of each box type in detail. It’s our opportunity to explain the meaning behind the current month’s theme, how we choose products for the boxes, and to give you some more details on each specific product included. If you have not yet received your box and still want to be surprised, we advise you to stop reading now. Some of you still may not have your boxes, yet you’re anxious to see what’s inside. If you have your box, pull it on out and read along!

Theme: Party Like It’s 1776

Candlefind Subscription Boxes Theme for July Party Like It's 1776

Our July box was a patriotic theme, in honor of the Fourth of July. The theme name was Party Like It’s 1776, and boy – did we! Well, we’re not sure how they partied in 1776, be we sure did have a fun time putting these boxes together and getting them out to our customers. The products were primarily red, white, and/or blue, and many of them either had names consistent with the 4th of July or were scents that were perfect for the summer.

Candlefind July Subscription Box

Companies in the Boxes

Pelican Scents

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

We love Pelican Scents for super scented wax melts that come in all sorts of yummy scents. We did a review of their company on our site earlier this month. High quality wax melts at very reasonable prices. Customer service rocks, too! They are definitely tops on our list. For the July boxes, we opted to include scent shots that had us thinking summer all the way!

Pelican Scents Blue Hawaiian Wax Melts Candlefind July Subscription Boxes

I pour each order as I get them by hand. All wax is poured as they are ordered.

Pelican Scents

Amobrosia Flame Candles

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

Ambrosia Flame Wax Melts Candlefind July Subscription Boxes

Ambrosia Flame Candles is a small candle company that handpours each 100% soy candle in small batches in Madison, WI. They don’t just smell amazing…they are healthy works of art! Be sure to check out our Ambrosia Flame company review. For the boxes this month, we went with some very summery fragrances, like Malibu Sunset.

I personally pour each candle by hand. Combining my passion for hand-crafted items and natural and organic products, I create candles that are healthy works of art.

Mandy, Ambrosia Flame Candles

S-Scents Handcrafted

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

S-Scents Candlefind Handcrafted Cupcake Wax Melt July Subscription Boxes

S-Scents Handcrafted is a small, black-owned business. Their handmade wax melts come in a variety of beautiful shapes and smell wonderful, much like the Red Rose wax melt.

We went for larger wax melts for this box that were beautifully decorated. The cupcake wax melts were layered – red, white, and blue, of course! The white frosting on top with sprinkles was literally the icing on the cake!

I make wonderfully scented wax melts and bath and body products. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Sanura, S-Scents Handcrafted

The Mind + Vibe Company

Found in: The Luxe

Let’s get ready to party like it’s 1776 with the 100% soy wax candle ‘Girls Night In’ from Mind Vibe. Based in Richmond, VA, these clean-burning candles include beautiful embeds to make you want to get your party on. These luxurious candles were perfect for our Luxe boxes.

The Mind + Vibe Co Girls' Night In Candle Candlefind July Subscription Boxes

We currently offer handmade candles, sprays, and wax melts with plans to continue diversifying our product line as we grow but always sticking to our foundation: all-natural, handmade products that inspire and empower.

Ki’ara, Owner The Mind + Vibe Company

The Scented Oar

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

The Scented Oar Wax Melts Candlefind July Subscription Boxes

We fell in love with the candles and wax melts from The Scented Oar when doing their candle review. The wax melts are highly scented and last a super long time. The scents selected for this month’s box were colored either red, white, or blue.

The Scented Squirrel

Found in: The Flicker

The Scented Squirrel Firework Fizz Scoopable Wax Candlefind July Boxes

Located in Kent, Ohio, this indie company is home to some wonderfully scented wax melts and homemade bath/body goods. The owner, Jess Dickey, is creative and a former wax blogger (The Wax Addict). The scent blends and luxurious products have quickly made this small home business one our our favorites! We chose a scoopable wax, like Firework Fizz, to include in the boxes this month. The scent color was red or white and there were adorable sprinkles on top!

I am the owner of The Scented Squirrel, an insured, Ohio based online shop that offers handmade scented wax melts, bath & body products. I have been a member of the wax melt community since 2015 and a former wax blogger (The Wax Addict). In June 2016, I decided to start making wax melts as a hobby but quickly realized I could turn this hobby into a job and a passion.

Jess Dickey, The Scented Squirrel

Little Blue Coop Soaps

Found in: The Luxe

We’re feeling a little patriotic with this handmade soap from Little Blue Coop Soaps. So cute and oh-so-good! If you were adventurous enough to get our Luxe box, you got this full-sized soap bar in all its patriotic glory. Enjoy!

Little Blue Coop Soaps Candlefind July Subscription Boxes

Bonus Gifts

Tara's Candle Cottage Wax Melts June Bonus Scents

Our bonus gift this month came in the form as some scented wax melts from Tara’s Candle Cottage. These scent shots are some of our favorites, and we hope you’ll enjoy them, too!

More in the Box

Other items possibly found in this month’s box:

  • Candlefind Branded Reusable Straws
  • Candlefind Signature Packaging
  • Gift Tag so you can gift your products…if you must.
  • Candy 🙂
  • 2 Cello Bags. We know that cello bags are the best way to store your wax melts to help them maintain their scent. We’ve given you a couple in case you want to store some of your box contents in them. (Flicker & Flame only)
  • Custom Matchbook (Flame & Luxe only)
  • Exclusive Coupons
  • BONUS scents: We occasionally have extra goodies to include in your box!

News & Next Month’s Box

Candlefind Monthly Themes Graphic August

As we passed the halfway mark for our candle subscription boxes, we are pretty thrilled about the roll we’re on. More and more companies are getting involved and we have some super exciting things in store for 2022. But don’t sleep on the rest of the months for 2021 – be sure to join the fun today! If you still aren’t quite sure, be sure to snag one of our Try Me! boxes to get a sampling of the goodies we include each month.

Happy candle burning!

The Candlefind Team Signature

Congrats to our monthly box winner, Stehpanie S! Stephanie won a free box just for being a Candlefind To Go newsletter subscriber. We will be picking our next winner soon, so be sure your name is in the hat.

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