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Shining The Light On: Pelican Scents

Shining the candle spotlight on wax melts from Pelican Scents.

Shining the Light on Pelican Scents

There are soooo many wax melt and candle companies out there, we love it when our fans clue us in on a quality brand. That’s just what happened when our good friend Dana L. let us know about Pelican Scents, an indie wax company hailing from the state of Florida. Allison Romano creates high quality wax melts at very reasonable prices. We’ve had such a blast getting to know her and her wax melts, we’re super excited to finally shine the light and do this Pelican Scents company review.

A Closer Look at Pelican Scents

Allison is a wax melt lover much like you and me. She started creating her own melts out of that love of fragrance, and Pelican Scents was born. She hand-pours all the melts out of her indie shop in Riverview, Florida. Given the coastal location, it’s no wonder where she came up with the name Pelican Scents!

Pelican Scents Soy Wax Shots

Products Offered

At the time of this Pelican Scents company review, there are two types of wax melts offered: traditional clamshell style or 2oz scent shots. The wax melts are 100% soy and are died according to the fragrance at hand. There are a growing number of scents listed with many more available. She encourages customers to contact her if looking for a specific scent, as she may already have it on hand.

Product Reviews

We tested a few of the scent shot wax melts from Pelican: Blueberry, Blue Hawaiian, Fizzy Pop, and Watermelon. We’re noting our initial thoughts below, and will be following up with full reviews for each individual item in the near future.



Pelican Scents Blueberry Wax Melts

My Blueberry wax melt was the most beautiful blue color! I loved that the pour dates were included on the lid…this helps when trying to prioritize and work on dwindling down your stash. Bleuberry smelled strong and true on cold sniff. Just like juicy blueberries! The scent description is simply: A sweet, juicy blueberry scent.

This was a fresh blueberry scent. It was fruity and slightly sweet – not candy sweet like some blueberry scents can be. It was perfection! And it was strong…this one scented up the open living area it was in and carried on throughout the adjacent rooms. Yummy!

Blue Hawaiian

Another blue colored scent shot I tried was Blue Hawaiian. Ohmygoodness, it smelled so fruity and tropical on cold sniff! The scent description: Coconut & citrus with orange, pineapple, & cherries. I definitely got the fruity explosion of scents. Once warmed, it literally made me swoon. Very fruity but thick with creamy coconut – it was a tropical delight. The scent was strong and filled a large bedroom, carrying on down the hall. It reminded me of a tropical retreat.

Pelican Scents Blue Hawaiian Soy Wax Shots

Fizzy Pop

I took a quick whiff of Fizzy Pop and knew it was going to be my favorite of the bunch. It was a tangy lemon-lime scent with a bubbly kind of “feel” to it. The scent description is: A lemon-lime soda scent that smells like Sprite or Sierra Mist

Oh yes…this scent was spot on. It smelled like a nice cold glass of Sprite. It was sweet an bubbly – just what I was looking for! This was another strong wax melt – it filled a smaller bedroom with scent and I could smell it as I walked down the hall, preparing to enter the room.

Pelican Scents Fizzy Pop Soy Wax Shots


Pelican Scents Watermelon Scent Soy Wax Shot

The juicy Watermelon scent was the last of the bunch I had to complete for this Pelican Scents company review. It was just as delicious as the first wax melt I smelled – a sweet, juicy watermelon scent that was fabulous on cold sniff. The scent description according to Alison is: A sweet, juicy watermelon scent

I loved the beautiful wax melt pool I got from this wax melt. The watermelon fragrance was a bit milder compared to the Blueberry and Fizzy Pop scents, but it still had a good scent throw.

Overall Impression of Pelican Scents

5 Stars

The wax melts from Pelican Scents are super high quality and amazingly affordable. We absolutely loved each and every scent we tried. We found the scent throw fantastic and the melts lasted a long time. Plus Alison provides such excellent customer service – it makes the shopping experience that much better. We will definitely be back for more from this company!

These wax melts can be purchased on Etsy.

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