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Ring Candles – what are they?

I have to admit, jewelry candles are everywhere. I see ads all over the place for jewel candles, ring candles, necklace candles and so on. I’m bombarded with requests to review ring candles – and I have reviewed a few – but it’s kind of one of those novelty items where, once you’d done it, you’re kind of over it. But that’s just me. Now to give as a gift? Perfect!

What are jewelry candles exactly? They’re scented candles with a gift somewhere inside the wax and it could be anything from an expensive diamond ring to trinket jewelry. You never know what you’re going to get with each candle you purchase. Ring Candle

What are the pros to ring candles?

  1. They are fun.
  2. They make great gifts.
  3. Novelty.

The above aren’t really any cons that I can think of to this type of candle and I admit, they’re fun, especially if you plan to burn one around your kids. I remember the last time I reviewed a jewel candle, my son who was at the time seven watched and waited with baited breath to see what treasure my candle would produce. He even declared that whatever it was, it would be his to gift to his Grandma. So cute!! Of course I agreed, how could I not? What made this process so much fun was now it wasn’t just me reviewing a candle, it was my son and I enjoying a process together and it was a blast!! We both lit the candle and watched it burn every day waiting to see when the treasure would surface and when it did, he was so excited – it made me excited. So yes… for the novelty of it and especially if you have children, definitely a must  try, at least once. 🙂

They do make great gifts for any occasion. I’ve personally never gifted one but if I had a teenage girl in the family, I wouldn’t hesitate to gift a ring Ring Candlescandle to her – parent approval first of course. And added bonus is the scent. The few I’ve tried have been great for scenting medium to smaller rooms.

What exactly is inside the candle?

Jewelry. Rings. Necklaces and who knows what else. The few I’ve tried have been necklaces and the quality seemed in line with costume jewelry. I’m not sure or have spoken to anyone who has won a super expensive ring so it’s kind of a mixed bag what you’ll receive. It’s all a surprise.

Now… who to purchase from? There are a ton of jewel candle companies to choose from, from big manufacturers to small mom and pop online sites. So, it’s up to you to decide who gets your hard earned dollars.

These are the companies that make jewel candles you may want to check out:

Diamond Candles

Fragrant Jewels

Jewel Scent

Scented Treasures

Hidden Treasures  – Read my review of Hidden Treasures

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

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