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Ring Candles - what are they? I have to admit, jewelry candles are everywhere. I see ads all over the place for jewel candles, ring candles, necklace candles and so on. I'm bombarded with requests to review ring candles -...
  I have been loving all the luxury candles I've been burning lately so I became inspired to showcase some great luxury candles to burn this fall. Candles that will fill your home with exquisite fragrance and candles that will capture the perfect essence of...
Valentine's Day is a happy occasion that brings to mind friendship, love and romance. Some like to receive chocolate... others pretty flowers. Me... I love candles. Why not? They make a perfect give, last much longer than flowers and are...
  With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to list my 5 favorite Christmas Tree scented candles. It's one of the fragrances I love to burn the month of December. My excuse... I...

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