Mademoiselle Rose candle review
Mademoiselle Rose, Artisane
Fresh Cut Roses tin candle from Artisane white wax two purple matches

Product Name: Mademoiselle Rose

Product Description: Her arrival in the gardens announces the spring. The sun is meeting her there. Her fragrance, powdery and delicate, captivates you. She is the queen of the garden and she knows it. Her name is Mademoiselle Rose.

Brand: Artisane

Offer price: $30.00

Currency: USD

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Candlefind Says

A fresh rose-scented candle with soft florals and plenty of green notes to boost authenticity. 


  • Even, clean burn
  • Long-lasting
  • Great scent throw for small travel tin


  • Price 

We are all about promoting small business companies these days. It’s now more important than ever, and we are more than happy to do our part. When the owner of Artisane asked for us to review some of her candles, I jumped at the chance. Small business. Woman owned. Soy candles. Say no more! First up is the beautiful Mademoiselle Rose candle.


My Fresh Cut Roses candle was travel tin style, which was perfect given my recent need to travel so much for work. There is a sense of beauty and elegance even with the travel tin candles from Artisane. The Artisane Fresh Cut Roses Candlecandles are gold in color, which is different than the majority of the travel tins that I use (silver). The label on front was a light pastel purple with the scent name written in a lovely scroll font. Beneath that was the name ‘Fresh Cut Roses.’ The label was small enough not to be intrusive, but you could also easily remove it if you wanted. The company name was on a separate label on the lid. The wax had that off-white color you expect from pure soy candles with a thick, well-centered wick.

This was an 8 ounce candle, so a pretty good size for a travel tin. It could easily fit in the palm of my hand, though, and I absolutely loved being able to travel with this little bundle of joy.


The cold sniff on this candle was absolutely beautiful. I smelled nice, soft floral notes which was a little perfume-y in a good way. Looking at the scent description:

Her arrival in the gardens announces the spring. The sun is meeting her there. Her fragrance, powdery and delicate, captivates you. She is the queen of the garden and she knows it. Her name is Mademoiselle Rose.

Fragrance notes: Fresh cut roses

Ambiance: Fresh and floral. Ideal for any space where you’d place a bouquet of fresh roses.


Whoa! I love all the beautiful wording that really matched up to the beautiful scent. I lit the candle in a bedroom, fully expecting to have to move it to a small bathroom to really detect the scent. I was soon met by such a lovely powdery rose fragrance and some sweet, green notes. The green notes in this candle scent overtook the actual rose scent, but it was divine and welcomed. I felt like I was walking into a floral shop that was brimming with some fresh rose bouquets.

As this scent continued to burn, I did notice some of the perfume-y notes I detected on cold sniff. Not overwhelming and certainly not enough to induce one of my migraines. Just enough to keep this scent somewhat feminine and interesting.

Scent Strength & Scent Throw

I did start this candle tin out in a bedroom and thought I might have to rehome it for a better scent throw. That didn’t turn out to be the case, though. I did get an amazing amount of scent from this little Mademoiselle Rose candle! I could tell the candle was burning in the bedroom and each time as I walked in and out. Never overwhelming or overpowering…just enough to envelope the room in scent.

Artisane Fresh Cut Roses Candle

I did move this candle later on to a small bathroom just to see how it would do. The scent remained moderately strong and the throw was really good in this space. It completely filled the bathroom with the scent of fresh roses. Mmmmm!

Burn Performance

I started out with a very short wick, so I did not have to trim this one on first burn. I did get a full wax melt pool in a little over an hour. The melt pool was thin but even. I did not notice any black sooting at all while this candle burned. It was just a nice, clean burn from start to finish. I trimmed my wick in between to keep an even burn. There weren’t any mushroom balls or anything like that on the end of my wick.

The website states that this candle has a 45 hour burn time, and I found that pretty accurate. I was able to use this travel tin candle for several days throughout my trip, burning it for about 4-5 hours at a time. I stop burning my candles when I can clearly visualize the metal disc at the bottom. Once I got there with this candle, I placed it on a warmer to eek out the last bit of scent. That was really nice as the throw was even better and I was able to use it this way for several days.


Candlefind Editor's Choice

I was absolutely thrilled with my Mademoiselle Rose candle from Artisane. It was a beautiful scent with fresh, green notes and a soft rose fragrance, making it easily and Editor’s Choice and one of the best rose scented candles I’ve smelled in a while. This is a luxury brand candle, but it’s very affordable. The fact I was able to get so much use out of this candle makes it even more affordable. So even though the $30 price is listed as a con, that’s only because of the upfront cost. I found this candle well worth the price tag – it seems to deliver what was promised and then some! I was super impressed, and I can’t wait to see if the other scents I have live up to this one.

About Artisane

Artisane is a small natural candle company based in New York City. Founder Mélanie was born in the South of France and brings together the beauty of nature with her keen sense of smell to deliver three main collections: Mademoiselle, Spices, and Sri Lanka. The candles are made with 100% soy wax and lead free wicks.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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