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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


Scenting Divine Until February Twenty-Nine

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Hello dear girls, what a week, whooosh!

Valerie!!! It's lovely to hear from you!  I hope your family are all doing ok and that DH is feeling better.  It's exciting to think about maybe moving back to NM, isn't it?  Time will tell but in the meantime you can dream about it.  Have you melted Rainbow Melts before?  I've heard all sorts of good things but somehow have resisted ordering thus far.  I have been melting some of your homemade tarts and as always they are glorious!💋

Mag, I hope you are feeling better!  And Sharon, has your cold flown the coop for good?♥️♥️

Michele, The big day is almost here! I'm excited for you and I can only imagine how you all are feeling. I know it will be beautiful and can't wait to see the pictures.😃

Debra, I know your big work project was leaving you little spare time and I hope it will come to an end soon!  All work and no play... ♥️

Susan, I hope the eye problem is resolving itself and that you are feeling better. Thinking about you and sending you a big hug!🤗

This week has been extremely busy at work but it is going well.  I'm going home in the morning.  Next week I get to go to Chicago for something different.  I like Chicago so I'm looking forward.

DH has gotten some jobs playing with local big bands and he is a very excited fellow. I'm so happy for him because I surely didn't expect to be traveling this much and it keeps him busy and happy.

I've been continuing with the red, pink, and white wax and frankly plowing through it. If I don't love it, it goes out pretty quickly. However I have been melting one which is wonderful and I don't want to pour it out:

Ava's Strawberry Ice Cream - oh, I just want to lick the air. Absolutely scrumptious. I really like Ava's wax. This is a good thing because I have a lot of it. In fact, I should mention that Bunny Hop  is waiting for me at home!!

I hope everyone sleeps well and keeps good health. Also it looks like snow and ice in the Eastern part of the country so everybody be careful over here, as well as the rest of you living in the west or overseas!!

Hugs to all of you and I hope we can meet up somehow, somewhere, someday. ♥️♥️♥️

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Michele, you must be very excited!

Susan, thank you for checking in.  I hope things are getting  better for you. Big  hug.

Amy, how strong!  Stopping at one order is impressive.

Maggie, it sounds like your DH problem-solves like I do!  I am afraid I am the one the has "accidents" around here!

Valerie, I love, love, love Nag Champa!

Tonight it is Cheryl's chunk bar in Neroli/Lime/Vanilla Velvet



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Hi everyone. Melting today: Vanilla Cream Puff by CFOW

Lollipop Guild by CFOW

Candy Cane by Mystical.

I am hanging in there, Thanks for all the well wishes.

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Good morning all!  Typing this from my computer as my phone battery will not take a charge and I need to go to Verizon today to see if they can help me.  I can't get onto GroupMe because they want to send me a code....on my phone...which is completely dead...  arrghhhh.

Susan, it's good to hear from you!  I'm glad you are hanging in there and fingers crossed that your eyes are improving.

Michele, I hope the wedding was everything you hoped for and that your daughter was happy with her beautiful evening!  Can't wait to see pictures...once the phone has a new battery...

Debra, I wish I could say I stopped at the one purchase but there may have been a candle involved....

Maggie, I hope you are continuing to feel better.

Sharon, I believe you were having bad storms and I hope that has passed now.

Valerie, I hope everything is going well and that your family are all healthy and happy.

I bought a candle lamp from Candle Warmers and this is such a game-changer for candles that were misbehaving.  It warms from the top rather than the bottom and doesn't melt the entire candle.  The throw is impressive and I am thrilled with it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Good Sunday Morning!

Susan...I am so sorry to hear you are having eye issues. I am thinking of you and praying that everything works out for you! [smilie=th_ef3416a0]
Michele...the big day has arrived! I am sure you had a wonderful time last night!![smilie=th_CONGRA34] To the newlyweds!
Amy...oh no! I hope they can figure out what's happening and fix your phone. Do you have off tomorrow or will you be traveling?

Debra...lololol...I can guarantee that you do not have the same amount of "accidents" that my DH has! I think he has the "if it doesn't move, I'll make it move" policy. [smilie=th_th1ptgno]

Sharon....hope you are safe with that Storm Dennis!! It's heartbreaking to see all the flooding and I can't believe it's the second storm in a week! 
I am trying to melt in one warmer this morning....the scents have been irritating my cough so I haven't melted in a while. It's Toasted MAC Apple Fireside Fallen Leaves by a talented pal. It's a beautiful red color and smells amazing!

Have a great day.

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Hello girls! 😊


Amy - Hope you get your phone fixed soon! I’ve seen those candle warmers you’re talking about. Glad to hear they work well! 

Maggie - Sure wish you could report soon that the cough is a thing of the past! Hugs to you!


Sharon - Hope you didn’t have any flooding near you!

All Southbound this weekend to see what to order in the preorder- Winter Lovespell, Pink Laundry, Gingerbread Cake Pops, and Heart Shaped Cookies. Ugh. I’m a sucker for the Pink Sugar ones, and though I certainly don’t need any wax, placed a nice order. Rachel had her baby earlier this month and that seems a good enough reason to support her business. 😉

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Michele, I hope you all had a wonderful time and have fabulous memories!

Amy, I had a similar issue last week - needing a code but no way to get it. Sheesh, that is sooooo frustrating. There is nuthin' you can do.  

And - about the candle warmer - I have not tried them because it seems like it would take a long time for the wax to melt enough for it to smell.  No?

Valerie, do you make many pinks?  Or it is this vendor's version you like?

Cookie, so nice to see you again!

Sharon, I hope you are staying safe.  I just read about the flooding and the 92 mph winds.  

(Maggie, there is a reason my kids grew up thinking the directions were called the "destructions".) [smilie=bagover]

Tonight it is ST - Sleepy Beauty


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Hello Everyone!

I'm happy to report the wedding was a huge success and everything was beautiful.  The newlyweds are now on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Thank you to all for the well wishes.  

Susan-It’s nice to see you posting. I hope your eyes continue to improve.

Continuing the February challenge by melting Wonderberry Taffy Cake. This is salt water taffy blended with vanilla bean marshmallow birthday cake. 

Enjoy the day all!!

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Good Evening!

Thanks Valerie....it's better but still hanging around.

Debra....lolololol....too funny! [smilie=th_laughing]

Michele...that's great news...Hawaii is a wonderful destination!

Remelting the wax from yesterday...enjoying every bit.❤️
Have a great evening! 

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Good morning, 

Michele, the wedding sounded fabulous, and Hawaii is a dream destination for me..... one day. 

Maggie, hope you're better. 

The flooding has been horrendous, thankfully we haven't in our area but about 30 miles away there has been. South Wales and parts of England has major flooding, its been devastating for some areas, especially as there was flooding a week before with Storm Ciara. Yes, we've had the gales and rain but at least we are safe and had no damage. 

Anyway, today I'm melting

Fresh Cut Grass by Daisy Chain Wax Melts

Pink Sugar by Darley Lama

Have a lovely day everyone 

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Good Morning.

Sharon...so glad you are ok but terrible news about the devastation elsewhere. ☹️ And thank you for your well wishes...I am feeling much better.

Good to see you Susan...hope you are feeling ok.

Have a good day.

Melting SGA Yuletide Pear Vanilla

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Hi there! 


Where did the week go? 😂


Maggie ~ Glad to hear you are feeling better! ☺️

Debra ~ I love SB’s longevity overall and the Pink Sugar ones last especially long. And yes, I do make Pink Sugar blends as well. 👍

Sharon ~ So sorry to hear about such damage close by! Hope everyone is safe.

Susan ~ Are your eyes better? Jellybean sounds delicious. 😛

Michele ~ Thanks for reminding me about my Wonderberry stash. Your Taffy Cake sounds yummy. 😍

Amy ~ Helloooo! How are you?! 😘


ST Harry’s Holiday

Swanky Lavender Paris Vanilla Lace

VCS Merry Unbirthday ~ This was so delectable last night I had to see if it was going to be restocked today. Luckily not! 😆

Started a Gold Canyon Plum Dandy candle this week. Very good! 


Hope everyone one is doing well. ❤️

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It was 60 degrees today!  I could get very used to this. Daffodils everywhere!

I hope things are calming down for your area, Sharon!

Amy, I hope you get the technical difficulties banished!

Tonight - SGA -Pineapple Coconut Birthday Cake.



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Well hello all!!

Well, i thought i posted two days ago, but it isn't here....🧐🤔 The whole week was like that.  DH and i both got our phones upgraded yesterday and after messing about with the work IT department for several hours yesterday, i am back in business.  

It's so good to see everybody!

Maggie, I'm glad you're feeling better.  You have had a full plate for way too long.  The pear vanilla scent sounds gorgeous.

Debra, daffodils already?!  Ohhh i am looking forward to spring.  Did your work project end yet?  

Susan, I'm so glad you're back!!  How are the eyes doing?

Valerie!! Good to see you!  I was wondering (on the post that didn't post) which scents you had ordered.  Her wax does well for me as well.

Sharon, I'm so glad you have escaped the flooding, but how terrible for so many people!  Did you start melting those gigantic tarts yet?

Michele, how are the kids doing in Hawaii?  Have you recovered from the wedding yet?

I'm getting a little tired of all the work travel, but i must remind myself that at least the work is enjoyable.  What started out as a two-month assignment is turning into two years.  But it's usually fun... Once i get there...

Well how is everyone's red/pink/white wax challenge going for February?  I have enjoyed this one and can see a dent in the fruity/pink sugar/minty scents.  Maybe we should do green, blue and yellow next month, what do you think?

The wax collection is to a point where i am less anxious about it.  I'm still on a ban, after that brief dalliance with Bunny Hop, but I'm not melting in such a frenzy.  The wax i have left, which is still a lot, is stuff i really love.  I want to make progress, but not rush through it as i was for they last six months.

The candle collection, on the other hand, has continued to grow...  I've been using the candle lamp a lot and the throw is wonderful.  However, this makes the candles last even longer so my progress is slower.... It's hopeless.  I can say I'm enjoying them so very much.

Not much else going on.  Today was gorgeous outside and it was lovely not to be so cold.  Last week i was in Chicago and they aren't kidding about The Windy City.

Well, i hope everyone has a good night.  Maybe we can figure out a get together this year.  Big hugs to all of you!  ❤️❤️❤️

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Good Morning and happy Sunday.

Was away from Friday to Saturday visiting the girls...so happy to spend time with them. 🥰

Amy...so happy for you that you are making dents in your stash! [smilie=th_happy096]I think I melted less than 5 melts this month. How, you ask? I can not explain. I believe I lost my "melting mojo" at some point and I need to bring it back. The candles....well, we can't be perfect, can we? Lololol. But really....it's ok to buy things that make us happy as long as it doesn't have a negative effect so enjoy those babies! 
Honeybear...It's a bit aggravating when you find a "need it" scent and then you can't get more!! (Probably for the best though, eh?) 

Debra...60 degrees is sooo nice! I love the in-between temps....perfect for being outdoors. I do think we are done with winter and probably no snow for us this year. I live near a small airport and I can hear someone taking flying lessons overhead...sounds like summer.

I will try to find a red/pink wax for today...

VCS One Hand One Heart in red

SB Christmas Tree Cookie in red from a sweet CF pal....love this. ❤️ Thanks!

Have a great Sunday.


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Hi everyone. Melting today: White Wedding by CFOW

I am finally done with med for eye, go back in 2 months. I can see better, and no longer in pain.

Have a great Monday.

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Hello All!

Susan-So happy to hear your eye is doing better. 

Maggie-Glad you enjoyed your visit with your girls.  I had to laugh when I read how many melts you melted this month.  Same here.  I haven’t been melting when I’m not home. I have been reluctant to leave the warmers on. I’m not making much of a dent here. 

Debra- I love the weather when it’s in the 60’s or low 70’s. It’s my favorite. 

Amy-How have you been?  Sounds like you have been super busy.  I’m glad someone is making a dent in their “wax collection”. That’s a good way to put it. I would love to get together and meet everyone. Maybe it will work out. In a few short weeks I will be in Ohio. We are looking forward to seeing you and Steve again. 

Sharon- I’m glad to hear you didn’t get much damage from the storm. 

I went to the knee surgeon today. My knee is just about back to normal. At some point I’m going to get my other knee replaced as well.  I just love the difference it has made for me. 

I’m putting on SGA Bye Bye Birdie.  It’s a blend of Sweet Milk, spices and sweet bakery. I need to melt from this vendor more . I feel like some scents aren’t as strong as they used to be. It still smells good but maybe it’s just the scent. This is another reason to have less of a “collection”. I need to remember this.  I am still on a wax ban though and really haven’t been tempted. I just need to look at what I have and it makes me a bit anxious.  I have gone a bit overboard on bath and body though. I can’t fit anymore of that either in my closet.  

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!!

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Congrats, Amy!  I will be an old lady before there will be a noticeable dent in  my "collection"!



I am not sure how that got here, or how to make it disappear!  Oopsie.

Susan, so glad to hear that you are better!  You too, Michele!  Your recovery has been amazing.

My project has been extended through to the end of April...that is keeping me away from my melter. I am too pooped to do much but turn on the relights when I get home.  I have been good on my ban also...not deflecting into any other fun products...but have bought  a lot cat food on special and clearance! [smilie=th_laughing]

Maggie, I am by an airport, also. I love watching them come in to land.


Tonight one of my besties:  Persimmon Spice - Nene's.



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Good Morning!

Susan...so glad to hear you are not in any pain anymore...that sounds horrible. [smilie=th_ef3416a0]

Debra....lol...there's always something that fills the gap...lololol.  
Michele...wonderful on the knee!! I keep telling my DH about your positive experience!! 
Keeping with the pink theme...

Swankys Cashmere Cedar

Pour Girls Maple Bourbon Apples/Caramel Popcorn

SGA Apple Cinnamon Whipped Cream Zucchini
Have a good day.

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Good Morning!

Amy-You must be very very busy.  

Melting today another neglected vendor here - ST Linda. This is Frosted Cornbread, Pink Sugar and Cream Soda.   Delicious!!!  

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Hello dear ladies, good to see everyone.  

Yes my work is insane and next week is Texas...i wake up and don't know which city it is...LOL.

I had a meeting just cancel - hallelujah!! - so popping in here to say hello.

Susan, i am so so happy your eyes are doing better and don't hurt!!  Eyes are so precious!

Michele, you have had the best knee surgery of anyone i know.  I'm so happy it has gone well!!  And yes... Even SGA seems to fade over time....😳

Maggie, good to hear we have hung in there with the pink melts.... Although I am getting sick of strawberry. 🤣

Debra, I'm sorry your work project is extended, ugh!!  I stand in admiration of your being able to stay on your ban and divert only to cat food!!! 😂😂😂

Sharon, i hope the waters are receding!

Valerie - report in please!

I am still melting away.   I am supposed to be on a candle ban but it isn't going as well as the tarts.   Homeworx has new etched glass vessels in QVC and ohhhh.  I have been strong so far and will wait until clearance.... They don't ship in the summer.

I will probably be traveling like this until the end of 2020.   

Well last night i had to toss a BBW candle that i loved, Fresh Cut Lilacs, because it was nearing the bottom and sooting so badly that it turned the wax grey. 🤮

However I also melted:

Homeworx Enchanted Peony and oh my goodness, this fruity Rose scent is life!

TBG Manage Your Flamingo - fruity blend, a gift from a sweet pal and the name alone makes me so happy, beautiful scent.

Stay well all!!

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