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We bring you some of the latest candle news, press releases, and other industry-related information. We also use this category to announce some important Candlefind information and give opinion pieces on various types of candles.

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We also cover some of the hottest sales, giving our recommendations for where to spend your hard earned dollars.

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If you’re interested in updates on new fragrances and scented products, be sure to join us over on Candle Scoop (launching September 2020).

Introducting Ironwood from Antica Farmacista: "Warm, creamy notes of sandalwood, vanilla, and rye balance with the cool, dry notes of ironwood and black walnut, completing this rich, flinty blend of herbs, woods, and spices."
Holy mother of cupcakes!! The moment I received an email from Goose Creek announcing the launch of their new cupcake candles... I hopped right on over and purchased one of each scent. I seriously - SERIOUSLY couldn't resist. I...
Are you ready for Valentine's Day candle lovers? I recently saw this candle on Virginia Gift Brands site and thought it would make such a perfect gift for your sweetheart. Hear that fella's? I'd take a candle any day...
Tis the season with four new fragrances from Colonial Candle - - - just in time for the holidays. From left to right.Cranberry Nut A medley of sweet cherry, tangy mandarin and red apple layered over smooth chocolate and a bouquet...
Candlefind is currently under new management. We will be undergoing some changes and expanding our services in the next few months.