We are drawing closer to our relaunch of Candle Scoop, which means we’ll be having more chatter about it on our social media pages and some here on the website. We’ve had a number of people asking us about Candle Scoop, so we thought it might be a good idea to gather up some of the most frequently asked questions and answer them all here.

What is Candle Scoop?

Candle Scoop was a Candlefind spin off blog that launched in 2014. The blog was a fun place for Andrea to share some less formal reviews, sales information, and random thoughts on scented wax. There were a number of fun features, such as Brand Wars, where Andrea compared and contrasted two similar scents from two different companies. The most popular posts on that blog were the Yankee Candle Scent Lists, a listing of just about every Yankee Candle scent with scent descriptions. It was a massive undertaking!

Life happened and Andrea had to abandon the candle world, which included the blog, Candle Scoop.

What happened with Candle Scoop?

When Candlefind came under new management, it included the Candle Scoop blog. For a long time, we just weren’t sure what to do with the site. To top it off, during the transition, much of the original content was lost. Candle Scoop sat for months while we determined the next best course of action.

We decided to revive Candle Scoop, but with a different focus. Our dream for Candle Scoop meant we had to start from scratch. The website has been custom built from the ground up and we are finalizing all the bells and whistles for the site.

How will Candle Scoop be different from Candlefind?

While Candlefind is mostly focused on reviews and tips, Candle Scoop will be focused on sales, news, and industry resources. For example, we are bringing back the (updated) Yankee Candle scent lists along with other scent lists, detailed shopping guides, and more. As of this writing, we will not be performing product reviews on Candle Scoop. All reviews will remain on Candlefind.

Candle Scoop will require a subscription for access, while Candlefind will always remain free.

Is Candle Scoop replacing Candlefind?

Unequivocally no! Candlefind has grown significantly over this past year and continues to make its own way. We have invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into this site and that will not change. Candle Scoop is a supplementary site that is run by the same team but with a different focus.

Why would I pay for Candle Scoop when I can still access Candlefind for free?

Candlefind Review Requests

The sites will have two very different types of content. Candlefind will continue to house our many, many reviews, as well as fun candle lists, tips, and our ever-growing Candle Company Directory. Think of Candle Scoop more as a resource site, with a scent list library, shopping guides, exclusive candle company interviews, and more.

The choice is ultimately yours, of course, but we think there is value in having access to both. Consider trying Candle Scoop out for a month or two to see if it makes sense for you as a resource.

How much will Candle Scoop cost?

We are still working on the pricing structure, but the cost will be very minimal monthly, with discounts offered for 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions.

When will Candle Scoop be ready?

We are still putting the final touches on the website and testing different aspects. We anticipate a launch date sometime in September 2020. Click below to sign up to be notified when the site actually launches.

Hopefully this has helped answer some initial questions regarding both sites. We are still working like mad to meet our anticipated deadlines, but we will post more information here as time draws near. In the meantime, we’ll still be rocking along here on Candlefind and keeping it real!

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