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We bring you some of the latest candle news, press releases, and other industry-related information. We also use this category to announce some important Candlefind information and give opinion pieces on various types of candles.

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We also cover some of the hottest sales, giving our recommendations for where to spend your hard earned dollars.

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Bath & Body Works Holiday Scents The Christmas scents from Bath & Body Works are in the house and they all sound pretty amazing. I'm not going to highlight every single one but I will highlight the scents that piqued...
Ring Candles - what are they? I have to admit, jewelry candles are everywhere. I see ads all over the place for jewel candles, ring candles, necklace candles and so on. I'm bombarded with requests to review ring candles -...
Oh my goodness candle lovers! I'm so excited!I was at one of my favorite malls yesterday in Phoenix when I saw something I haven't seen in over a decade. A gorgeous and fragrant White Barn Candle store! It was a stand...
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