Christina Rylan scented candle reviews,, the site for candle loversHello Fellow Candle Lovers…

My name is Christina Rylan and I am a complete and hopeless candle and melt addict. In fact, I probably need a 12 step program. I found “” through my search for the Yellow flowerperfect candle and let me tell you, it’s not easy with so many companies and choices to choose from.

Being the huge candle freak that I am, I find it extremely helpful reading reviews from other candle lovers before making a purchase decision. And that’s how I found this site… searching for the best.

My commitment to you will be finding the best candles on the market and reviewing them as objectively as I can. I’ll try giving the good with the bad (should I come across one) and just maybe through my candle quest… I may help you along with yours.


~ Christina