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Dio Candle Company Valentine’s Day Collection Wax Melts [Review]

Long lasting 100% soy wax melts made just for you & your boo.

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We are big fans of the candles at Dio Candle Company, with many of them making our Best of lists. Take our list of the 5 Best Ice Cream scented candles, for instance. Or the Best Chocolate Cake scented candles. Dio Candle Company has certainly earned a spot on these lists because of the authentic, clean burning candles they have in those categories & more! Still, we had not tried their wax melts before, so we were more than thrilled to try some of the Valentine’s Day collection wax melts.

About Dio Candle Company

Dio Candle Company was founded in 2016 after much testing and word spread about their clean burning, great smelling candles. They use 100% soy wax with premium fragrance and essential oils that are phthalate and paraben free. The unique scent blends, clever names, and adorable graphic labels keep their customers coming back for more.

We love working with 100% soy! Our soy wax supports american farmers, burns longer than toxic paraffin, and is one of the most eco-friendly choice of scented candles on the market.

Natasha, Dio Candle Company
Candlefind Dio Candle Company Valentine’s Day Wax Melts Collection Review

The Valentine’s Day Wax Melt Collection

Dio has several wax melts that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re feeling all goo goo ga ga about it or whether you’re still licking some unhealed wounds. As of this writing, there are 20 available fragrances, available both in candle and wax melt form. Have fun cruising the scent list to discover Opposites Attract, Book Babe, and Ride or Die, for starters. We tested four specific fragrances in the collection: Black Like My Heart, Luscious, Meet Cute, and Gentleman’s Teakwood.

Dio Candle Company

Black Like My Heart

DIO Black Like My Heart Wax Melts
A scent and wax color to match your soul! A spicy blend of black pepper, charcoal minerals, lavender and vanilla come together in an auspicious splendor. Maybe the world doesn’t understand you, but Dio does, and this scent proves it!

We were in love with the Black Like My Heart candle, so it was no surprise we swooned over the wax melt, too. The smoldering, rich spices blend well with hints of lavender and vanilla to make this a beautiful, mysterious blend. We had the best luck using a tealight melter with one cube throwing well in a medium sized room for hours at a time. Oh, be still my black little heart!

Dio Candle Company


DIO Candle Co Luscious Wax Melts
For a scent that commands your attention, look no further than this Luscious fragrance. This riské blend of juicy plum, cherries, and rich powdery musk is perfect for transforming any old boring room into an exciting space filled with wonder!

Luscious was a lighter, brighter fragrance, with juicy plum and cherry notes that sweetened the deal. It was a bit candy like, but not cloying or sticky sweet at all. We loved this grown up fruity fragrance with it’s moderate scent throw and super long-lasting power.

Dio Candle Company

Meet Cute

DIO Meet Cute Wax Melts
Top Notes: Sea Salt, Citrus, Berry; Mid Notes: Popcorn, Red Wine, Light Sugar; Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Molasses

Meet Cute was probably our favorite of the bunch, as it is a perfect balance of salty and sweet. It reminded us of a day at the county fair. This fragrance was a bit milder than the other wax melts, but it had really good throw and was another long-lasting fragrance.

Dio Candle Company

Gentleman’s Teakwood

DIO Gentleman's Teakwood Wax Melts
Add sophistication to any space with this incredible, masculine fragrance! Woody and mellow, mahogany and teak blend together for a perfect balance of sweet and dry while the heady musk base adds it’s perfection for a scent you’ll fall in love with any time of year.

Move over Mahogany Teakwood, Gentleman’s Teakwood is in the house! This fragrance was sexy and warm, with just the right amount of savory sweetness. We just wanted to cuddle up with this fragrance all night long! The scent was moderately strong and lasted 2+ tealights in our melters.

Overall Impression of Dio’s Valentine’s Day Wax Melt Collection

5 Stars

We were thoroughly impressed with the Valentine’s Collection of wax melts from Dio Candle Company, at least the fragrances that we tried. Since there wasn’t a dud in the bunch, we anticipate each of their fragrances in this collection would be a sure bet. The fragrances fill a medium sized room without a problem and carry well throughout a space. The fact that one or two cubes can last for hours on end make these clamshells a bargain in the long run. We highly recommend Dio Candle Company & this lovely Valentine’s Collection!

These wax melts can be purchased on their website.

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I have a sincere passion for candles, being mesmerized from the moment I saw my first flickering flame.

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