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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Took a break from the holiday scents today....Better Homes tranquil garden spa and Scentsationals zen!
  2. I've already taken my tree down. I wanted to rearrange some furniture. I usually take it all down on the 28th. I'll leave the wreath on the door till then!
  3. Recent melts: Backroad Hobbies Christmas morning surprise and Christmas bliss. Also Better HomesChristmas morning latte and Haley's Christmas cookie
  4. Just put Backroad Hobbies Christmas wreath on in two melters. I'm getting ready to relax after a Christmas lunch and some shopping. Tomorrow I'm headed to Charlotte. My daughter flies out on Christmas Day to Morocco and then on to France at the beginning of the year.
  5. LOL..there's no such thing as a quick trip to the grocery store. Aria, sorry about your friend's father, but I had to laugh at your son's request for a robe. Recent melts: Backroad Hobbies Christmas morning surprise, Haley's Christmas cabin, Ruby Rose plumberry slice, and Crosscreek North Pole.
  6. Last night's melts were Haley's Christmas mulberry and BackroadsChristmas wreath. This morning it's Delightful Scents country Christmas. It has been unseasonably warm here this weekend...close to 80.
  7. Ended the evening last night with Glade sugared spruce. This morning it'sFP zucchini Noel!
  8. The last few days I've been melting: From Tara's Candle Cottage: Christmas splendor, pink sugar cookies,toasted kettle cake, and apple cinnamon zucchini bread. I also enjoyed YC gingerbread maple andDelightful Scents pumpkin crunch cake.
  9. Last day of school until Jan. 6! Trep, I am glad to hear some encouraging news about your kitty.
  10. Laurie, I love lobbies..hope yours are soon on the mend! This morning I started Christmas wish from Backroad Hobbies in two melter a. I'm really liking Backroads Hobbies!.
  11. Wow Nancy...an over 20 kitty. I hope you won't have to be away long! Currently melting Delightful Scents brandies pear and Backroad Hobbies Christmas Wish. Recently melted Delightful Scents reindeer poo andRuby Rose plumberry spice.
  12. Most of yesterday I melted Backroad Hobbies Christmas morning surprise. It's very nice! Last night I melted Crossroads Jacks gone cranberry from the swap. That was really nice too! This morning it's Ruby Rose Christmas bliss and pine from an unknown vendor. It's been raining all weekend!
  13. Started this Friday morning with Tara's Candle Cottage pumpkin crunch cake.
  14. This evening's melt is Backroads Hobbies Christmas Bliss. This is really strong!
  15. Melted frosted berries from Delightful Scents...thanks swap buddy! Two more from Delightful Scents....bite me and passion fruit!
  16. Recent melts: cando cast iron cookies(awesome), Ruby Rose cranberry chutney, Delightful Scents Macintosh apples, and cando sugar corn puffin'. Well, no more melting at school...a parent called my middle school principal and said my candles were giving her child sinus infections
  17. I love village candles also, but I noticed the ones in TJMaxx have gone up a dollar. I had to cut up a Colonial candle this morning. I've usually had really good luck with Colonial, but this one was a disaster from the start.
  18. Wow! Melting cando cast iron cookies..yum! At school f melted Tara's Christmas tree. It lasted for two days. Last night's melt was Haley's Christmas splendor.
  19. Debra, that's funny! At least it doesn't smell like beer and puke!!!! Recent melts: Glade sparkling spruce, Ruby Rose sugared spruce, Delightful Scents tiki mandarin, Ruby Rose gingerbread village, and YC holiday bayberry.
  20. Recent melts: YC mistletoe and Glade sparkling spruce. Laurie, My ex-husband's family was from Mullins. I don't have any holiday stuff up. Last year I did not decorate at all becuase my daughter was leaving for six months in France and I wasn't in the mood. She is leaving on Christmas Day for Morocco, and I'm trying to get in a more festive mood!
  21. Last day for melting the fall scents. I am melting cando autumn spice. Tomorrow I switch over to Christmas scents.
  22. Laurie, where in SC are you going? I always cool my meters to room temp before placing in the freezer. Then I let it come back to room temp before lighting again. Recent melts are Delightful Scents banana nut bread and can do pumpkin cornbread.
  23. I'm melting Delightful Scents Celtic moon spice along with assorted candles. Last night's melts were Ruby Roseblackberry jam butter cookies and earlier Ruby Rose pomegranate apple. That one is awesome. A congestion/fever thing has been going around at school. Several of the teachers on my hall have it, but fortunately I have not! Planning to hit the Haley's Black Friday sale tomorrow!
  24. Woooohooo! Only two days of school this week...and we're actually going to have a cold Thanksgiving. I can't remember the last one! Started the day with Glade frosted berry kiss!
  25. I'm southern, but I don't like collards or any cooked greens. I hate the way they smell when cooking. I just started Ruby Rose fig and sweet almond.
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