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  1. Recent melts: Can-Do corn puddin...moderate Can-Do Amish spice LS vanilla voodoo YC kiwi berries...weak OPT hayride OPT twigs and berries...very strong...has lasted two days OMG angel wings...weak OMG wild mountain honey...strong
  2. Here comes the weekend! Currently meting: OMG best friends...just started it at school Recently melted: LS aphrodisiac...wonderful LS blackberry peach pound cake...wonderful LS violet lime...wonderful and lasted forever LS black and blue...really strong
  3. Recent melts: CYS dragon's lair..moderate throw Can-Do spiced patchouli YC rainforest YC orange dreamsicle
  4. Jedda...I can sympathize. Fireant bites are really itchy! Melted: CYS cranberry peach cider...got next to nothing from this YC storm watch...wonderful!
  5. Gail, Thanks for that suggestion! When he was young he was not afraid of storms. This has developed in the past couple years. melted: LS watermelon herb...really unique..wish it was stronger! YC vanilla cupcake...very light FP coffee noel...wonderful strong scent..lasted a long time!
  6. Trep, glad your father's ok, and btw I've been enjoying your fruity avatars! We had a big storm here last night. I have a very old black lab who gets frantic during storms, so I was up with him for most of the night! Recent melts: FP Mexican fried ice cream...yummy Haley's pralines and cream...very light YC fruit salad...moderate YC coconut bay...doubled up...very weak...can't even figure out what it is???
  7. I've had that happen with the LSC cups. I managed to peel the cup away from the tart. Melted: Olde Primitive Treasures fresh peaches YC island guava Tuscaderos incense stick
  8. Recent melts: YC mountain lodge...loved the scent,but it was very light YC apricot and honey...love this one, but it's discontinued. This was one of the rectangular shaped tarts BB&B carried a couple years ago. Just started in two melters: Tuscaderos patchouli supreme
  9. Recent melts: LS honeydew melon...very nice NeNe's sweet amber musk...fabulous Ole Primitive Treasures nectarines and honey...wonderful OMG wild mountain honey...love it
  10. Melting haley's apple orchard...fabulously strong and wonderful true scent LS caramel praline shortbread...nice scent but light!
  11. Last night I melted YC beachwalk. This was relatively strong! I also melted NeNe's bananas foster. This was wonderful, but did not last long. This morning I doubled up YC coconut bay...very weak. I also melted LS patchouli passion...very artificial...wouldn't even call it patchouli.
  12. This Friday: Front Porch...ultimate bakery. I added to it Olde Primitive Treasures vanilla sugar waffle cone. It was a little mild. Also melted Olde Primitive Treasures olde fashioned strawberry milkshake. This was awesome!
  13. Starting the day with CYS baked vanilla...it is fabulous!
  14. Today I have been enjoying OMG dragon's blood! To answer the question about LS let them eat cake...it was a light scent. I didn't notice it being perfumey. Now LS patchouli and their other earthy scents were very perfumey...didn't like them at all!
  15. Just started OMG fudge brownie. I don't generally like chocolate scents, so we'll see. Earlier it was Olde Primitive Treasures vanilla sugar waffle cone. It's a yummy scent but very light.
  16. Just started: FP coconut noel LS Let Them Eat Cake
  17. Recent melts: YC splash of rain (smells like ocean water) LS vanilla praline zucchini bread (smells like popcorn) Just started: OMG hippy Haley's blueberry zucchini
  18. Cyn, really appreciate the links in your posts! Here at school I am melting Tuscadero's apples n berries...really great scent!
  19. Just changed to Lasting Scent Black and Blue and Olde Primitive Treasures Twilight in the Woods!
  20. I started May with YC orchard pear and YC spiced pumpkin!
  21. Haven't had time to melt much..... Can-Do mandarin medley YC kiwi berries
  22. Currently melting YC dune grass...really like this one! YC cafe au lait LSC little black dress
  23. At school I have been melting celtic moonspice from Tara's Candle cottage...this one's wonderful!
  24. Another gorgeous day here in SC, and no school either!!!! Recent melts: Can-Do tomato leaf House of Soy mommy and Me LSC patchouli honey YC fruit salad
  25. Overnight I melted YC spiced pumpkin and YC cherry lemonade. No melting today...headed to Charleston!
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