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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Another really cold morning here in SC...each of my classes is bringing food for Christmas parties today...shhould be an easier day! We start exam review tomorrow! an old favorite EW Coffee with Santa CHC sugared spruce
  2. Currently at school I am melting Can-Do vanilla apple...love the scent, just wish it were stronger! Recent melts: YC holiday bayberry YC coconut bay YC wedding day...love this one! It is super cold here in SC. In the last 6 months we have had such extremes of temperature
  3. Just finished decorating..had to dig out my gold lights this year. I love white lights, but they were borrowed for prom decorating last spring, and not returned Recent melts: Southern Star sugared spruce Crosscreek berry balsam Crosscreek apple cider Lasting Scent vanilla voodoo Can-do orange and chili pepper CHC old fashion Christmas Haley's vanilla bean
  4. Catching up...busy day back at school, and two teachers on my hall had deaths in their families over Thanksgiving! Sweetandspicey, I have looked at post counts over past years too and wondered where everyone went. Recent melts: YC farmhouse apple YC Beware Can Do bear claws YC autumn leaves Can Do kiwi sage and ginger Haley's Christms cabin
  5. Starting off the morning with two from CHC...sugared spruce and Dickens Christmas!
  6. Melting today... CYS bourbon de vanille CHC sleighbells Can Do satsuma Can do dragon's blood Can do Indian spice YC Simply Home (Kohls) Christmas pine..this one is really good!
  7. Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving...think I ate about 10,000 calories! No black Friday for me...any shopping I do will be on a weekday morning. Recent melts: Can do cornbread....scrumptious! Can Do red currant and thyme Haley's spiced apple Southern Star Santa snacks CYS Americana Pinkflowerscents golden clove
  8. It's like spring here! Recent melts: Pinkflowerscents pumpkin brulee YC blueberry scone YC eggnog YC home sweet home
  9. Just started YC cinnamon sugar here at school! The holidays are almost here!
  10. Unseasonably warm here...going to stay that way for Thanksgiving...doesn't really surprise me since it's been mostly hot for the past 6 months! First melts of the day: YC fall festival Haley's sugar plum spice Southern Star glazed orange cake
  11. Yes! Only two days of school this week! Recent melts: Southern Star...sugared spruce YC autumn fruit YC be thankful
  12. Weekend melts: YC orchard pear...these have been pretty weak YC fruit salad...really like this one...year round scent Pinkflowerscents mayan gold Pinkflowerscents dragonfly dreams....have loved everything from this vendor Can-Do red currant and thyme...love but wish it was stronger Can-Do Mimi's House....love Currently burning a Yankee Home candle I found at TJMaxx..pine cone and tassel...had my eye on it for a while and grabbed it today!
  13. Just started Can-do blueberry pie in my classroom. It is scrumptious!
  14. I've got Lasting Scents little black dress going. It's really strong! The Halloween Carnival was great, and I've got another one to go to on Sunday. This is the Fall Festival at my church.
  15. At school YC red berry and cedar...love this scent! School Halloween carnival is tonight. It's unseasonably warm, feels more like spring than fall!
  16. Recent melts: Just Tarts Grandma's kitchen...doubled up...very weak..not a repeat vendor CYS dream of hope Lasting Scent saffron and spice YC autumn fruit
  17. Evening melts: Pinkflowerscents endless love YC lemon lavender Can-Do orange blossom magnolia Spent the day shopping with DD. She's a senior in high school now, and I know it's just a short time until she's moved out!
  18. October has been uber busy for me, so I am looking forward to a quieter weekend for a change! Evening melts: CYS harvest moon YC autumn fruit YCcranberry chutney
  19. I agree that haley's value is phenomenal. I am going to plae a large order of Cheristmas scents soon. I also want to try her candles. Currently on the 5th hour of GHBT tayberry and teakwood...one of my favorites. Don't believe she ever reopened though. At school I will be melting YC blueberry scone. What happened to slpit?
  20. Just started YC chocolate cupcake at school!
  21. Happy anniversary Candlelove! At school I am melting vanilla almond twist from blue gecko. This is strong, but a little more toasted almond smell than I care for!
  22. First chance I've had to check in this month..... Trying to use up some old Tart Shack melts: sweet orange and chili pepper mixed with twigs and berries streusel and spice mixed with caramel toffee Also: CYS strawberry rhubarb a la mode YC autumn leaves...still going strong on its 5th hour!
  23. Glad you're back...had wondered what happened to you!
  24. In my area of SC we are not having any flooding! Overnight it was YC island guava in two melters...nice scent, but very weak At school I've just started LOL autumn wreath!
  25. Recent melts: CYS cream pecan...really strong YC napa valley harvest YC autumn fruit YC dune grass YC sweet strawberry
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