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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Good morning...Snowball Donut Holes from Ambiescents...yum!
  2. Happy New Year! This Saturday I am melting Better Homes Mountain Cabin Escape!
  3. Has anyone tried Sunny Bee Scents formerly Haley's Heavenly Scents?
  4. Hope everyone is having a great fall! I just made a huge order of Christmas scents from OPT!
  5. Sunday morning melt is Scentsationals Daydream.
  6. The eclipse is going to be chaos. We have a half day at school, and then I am not leaving my home. We are right in the center of the eclipse. Today's melt is OPT honeydew melon.
  7. Melting OPT cactus and sea salt. I am returning to the classroom after a three year absence. A teacher resigned at the last minute, and I was called and accepted. So back to school I go.
  8. Sunday melt..K's Kreations raspberry tomato leaf.
  9. My first melt of August is Scentsationals spice it up.
  10. Christmas is five months from today! I am melting Tuscadero's home for the holidays.
  11. I'm starting my two days of Christmas in July melting with Swan Creek spiced holiday mulberry...fabulous!
  12. Saturday morning melt...OPT salt water taffy!
  13. My most recent melt was YC black cherry. I need to check my Christmas stash for July 24 and 25. I think I am just about out.
  14. Did anyone order from CFTKR yesterday? I had some stuff in my cart, but I decided not to order. I also missed out on the samplers from She Loves Cake. Every time I checked the site was closed, Then when it opened they were gone.
  15. Just a heads up....She Loves Cake grand opening is today. There will be a ten tart bakery sampler for 10.00 shipping included.
  16. I do that a lot in the summer. I think it's the heat. I am currently melting summer picnic from ohmytarts.
  17. Just started melting cactus and sea salt this Sunday morning from OPT.
  18. Saturday morning melt..OPT garden mint. My latest order from OPT has been phenomenal.
  19. Recent melts are from OPT: salt water taffy and honeydew melon.
  20. I hate fireworks. They are still legal here in SC. Fortunately my neighbor who shoots them nonstop has moved, and we had a thunderstorm, so there were very few. Currently I am melting OPT herbal essence.
  21. Happy July...can't believe how fast 2017 has gone by. I am melting some Yankee odds and ends this morning...brandy pear tart, vanilla caramel, and vanilla chai.
  22. Just started K's blue ribbon cookies. Summer is a less tempting time for me as far as ordering, because I don't burn/melt as much in the heat.
  23. I am melting Febreze fresh pressed Apple on this hot and humid Sunday morning. I'm happy to see Haley's reopening, but selfishly, I hoped it would keep the same name.
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