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  1. Back to my fave...Scentsationals pumpkin apple muffins!
  2. I've been melting Scentsationals isla bonita. This is the first Scentsationals melt I have not liked. It smells like those perm kits we used to get at the drugstore.
  3. Sorry about your cat Debra. They take a part of our lives when they go. I am currently melting Better Homes warm pumpkin cookies.
  4. Happy Easter afternoon. I'm just home from a small family get-together. I just started Febreze mandarin cedar.
  5. Overnight melt...American Home bountiful harvest...will change out in a while.
  6. Melting Febreze geranium bamboo...fantastic!
  7. Melting Olde Primitive Treasures country berry flapjacks. I really wish this vendor had not closed.
  8. Tuesday morning...another round of Scentsationals pumpkin spice
  9. Monday morning melt...American Home sunny sands!
  10. Awesome boyfriend Cookie! Have a nice trip Maggie! Today I am melting Scentsationals pumpkin spice....strong one!
  11. Beautiful day after the storms.....Redd Shedd maple syrup and pancakes!
  12. Debra. I did not notice any chemical smell. It had a moderate throw. Today it's Scentsationals cider house donuts. This has a light throw.
  13. Starting Sunday with Glade toasted marshmallow.
  14. Just started Haley's Apple peel Noel.
  15. I am sorry about that Debra. This morning I am melting Scentsationals Spice It. Up.
  16. Debra, have you tried turkey or chicken baby food? I started a favorite this morning..Scentsationals Apple pumpkin muffins.
  17. Melting Febreze fresh pressed apple...really authentic Apple scent.
  18. Just started Scentsationals cider house donuts. Debra, we are playing Gonzaga. Is your team Oregon or North Carolina?
  19. Decided to put a spring scent on today...Better Homes sunflower and chrysanthemum. I'm not a huge fan of florals, but this one is good!
  20. Just started Yankee honey clementine in a tea light melter! Anybody watching basketball? My gamecocks are in the elite 8!
  21. Melting Better Homes cranberry cookie crumble!
  22. Most of the day it was Beter Homes warm up winter...even though it's 86 degrees. Just changed it out to American Home sunny sands.
  23. Blustery and cool SC morning...melting Mainstay spiced orange
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