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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Insomnia melt: Haley's banana nut bread Recent melts: Mookie Doodle almond birthday cake Pinkflowerscents Mayan gold Mookie Doodle orange juice cake Can-Do lemon wedges YC buttercream YC Christmas cookie Mookie Doodle Be Delicious Mookie Doodle apple brown betty
  2. Ahhh...it's 71 degrees today and beautiful blue skies! I definitely have spring fever and hate for the cold weather to return! At school I have been burning a strawberry rhubarb candle from Soyphisticated Candles.
  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Cmarie, my condolences to you! Also wanted to tell you that I believe GHBT was sold, but I haven't heard of anyone who has ordered since. It's 71 degrees here today...it's wonderful to have a break from that searing cold! Recent melts: pinkflowerscents black ice LSC patchouli LSC woodland orange spice YC fall festival Off to look at the Can-Do sale!
  4. Trep. glad you made it home safely! Afternoon melts from YC: fruit salad island guava Also have ghirardeli brwnies baking!
  5. Currently melting: LS woodland orange spice LS scarlet moon Neither of these is very strong.
  6. I woke up this morning to beautiful snowfall. It didn't stay around long, but it was really pretty! Recent melts: LS vanilla voodoo...very good Haley's vanilla insanity...insanely good LS saffron and spice YC autumn leaves...an alltimne fave Can-Do mandarin spice Pinkflowerscents high maintenance
  7. Hoping all of you with these winter illnesses are on the mend!!!!!! Recent melts: Can-Do kudzu YC sweet strawberry...love this one YC Napa valley harvest...never get much from this scent LS patchouli and patchouli passion...I like LS, but their patchoulis are perfumey and not authentic.
  8. Really cold wet and nasty here in SC.....just put on: YC Autumn fruit Can-Do Amish spice
  9. My last melts of 2010 are: YC sweet strawberry Can-Do sweet orange and chili pepper Can-Do dragon's blood...unbelievable!
  10. Susan, that is a spot-on description! We have had those in SC, and I knew exactly what you were describing! Recent melts: Can-Do Lessie's whipped cream and honeydew Pinkflowerscents dragonfly dreams YC moonlight harvest YC water garden
  11. My Yankee store was almost completely sold out of the 1.00 tarts, so I didn't get any. Recent melts: YC sage and citrus YC lavender vanilla...love this one!
  12. Sweet&Spicey....It wasn't enough snow to be housebound, but it was enough to appreciate and it definitely accumulated! Recent melts: CHC vanilla berry Blue Gecko black raspberry vanilla I think I am going to hit up YC today. I never did buy the fall or Christmas scents, so I may snag some!
  13. We got snow! Two snows in one year...hasn't happened in a long time! Cat bites can be really bad! I was bitten by a neighbor's Siamese once and the bite had to be monitored by my doctor for about two weeks. It was on the side of my knee and was really deep! Glad to hear GHBT has reopened...wonder if it's the same person? Recent melts: Pure Scents chestnuts roasting Cake Candle Sunday breakfast YC silver bells...really love this one I'm in the process of packing away Christmas decorations!
  14. Hope everyone's enjoyed Christmas! Melting: YC holiday bayberry YC Christmas Eve Crosscreek Deck the halls YC Christmas wreath We had lunch at my brother's and then went to see "Little Fockers."
  15. Susan...glad you have that 6 weeks of vcation saved up! Hope you get great results from your interview! Recent melting: Cake Candle sugar cookie House of Soy lime cooler YC coconut cookie bar EW naughty elf nightcap Can-Do holly berry YC Christmas Eve
  16. Just started: YC Christmas wreath Southern Star Nanny's apple butter...this started throwing immediately and is yummy!
  17. Aria...love those Christmas cats! I hope to get my wrapping done on Thursday while my daughter is in Charlotte shopping with a friend! Stocking stuffers for my 18 year old will be gift cards, gum, make-up brushes, Lindt truffles, and that's about it! Recent melts: Southern Star satsuma YC rhubarb plum Can-Do cinnamon sugar CHC herbal House of Soy cranella YC autumn leaves YC holiday bayberry Lasting Scent aphrodisiac YC black raspberry
  18. Susan...good to see you back! I had wondered what happened to you! Thanks for a lovely package from a thoughtful CF friend!!!! REcent melts: YC madarin cranberry...wonderful! Can-Do caramel turtle Can-Do frosted pumpkin CHC vanilla maple pecan...didn'r get much from this even doubled up YC blueberry scone Southern Star bird of paradise Cheryle: Christmas wish, mistletoe kisses, vanilla twigs....all wonderful! Exams are over...time to enjoy the holidays!
  19. I love pugs..owned them for years at one time! DD wants a coffee maker...don't think I am springing for a pricey one though! Recent melts: YC evening primrose YC Christmas cupcake...yummy Lasting Scents voodoo love YC kiwi berry...really like this scent, but the tarts are so weak I had to double it!
  20. At school for the first part of the day I melted Time&Again caramel cake. It's really yummy! Now I'm melting Can-Do country inn. This is really strong!
  21. Very cold and windy here on the last day of school before exams start! Overnight melts from lasting Scent...both awesome! earthen oak fireside...usually don't care for this one from other vendors, but this had a spicey note
  22. Gloomy wet day here in SC......currently melting CYS baked lemon vanilla...my favorite from this vendor YC vanilla cupcake
  23. Continuing Haley's Christmas cabin this morning...it's wonderful Also: GHBT aromatherapy relaxation CHC Louisiana king cake
  24. Evening melts, and these are all wonderful... Haley's Christmas Cabin CHC sugared spruce Lasting Scents saffron and spice
  25. Ovrnight melts; YC Christmas Eve and Lasting Scent woodland orange spice Taking with me to melt at school: Can-Do patchouli
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