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  1. We finally got rain here after a six week drought. It's supposed to get cooler by the end of the week...I hope so! Currently melting Southern Star mango mandarin and Can Do country Inn!
  2. Recent melts at school: Can-Do mandarin spice...not quite as strong as I expected Blue Gecko maple and brown sugar...very strong, but had a spicy undertone Melters are turned off for the weekend as i am going out of town.
  3. Christy, Did you get through all the moves? Weren't you moving twice this past summer? Currently melting: YC sweet honeysuckle YC lilac blossoms It's fall by the calendar, but not by the thermometer here in SC!
  4. Pulled out some Christmas scents from last year that i want to use up. I didn't have very good luck with these: CHC Old Fashion Christmas CHC Dickens Christmas Also YC island guava
  5. Just back from two yoga classes...recently melted: YC early sunrise YC fresh cut roses YC napa valley harvest BG creamy peach crumb cake
  6. Jut started YC dune grass! it's hot here today, and I have to sell tickets at the football game tonight! I would rather stay home and relax!
  7. Schooltime melt...YC fruit salad with GC lemon chiffon candle.....love the combo
  8. Overnight I melted YC autumn fruit...love this one. My YC patchouli is still going strong after 8 hours!
  9. We haven't had rain in a month here. Everything is extremely dry and dusty. Currently I am melting CanDo patchouli..omg I love patchouli!
  10. At school I am melting Can do Mimi's house....wonderful! I have seen some pumpkins in stores, but it's still too hot for fall decorations!
  11. Overnight I melted YC candied apple in two melters...was not as strong as i expected!
  12. Good luck Denny...when December comes, you won't want to give the class up! Melting at school Southern Star vanilla bean noel...this one's going to put my students over the edge!
  13. Recently melted; YC cranberry chutney and YC cedar leaf spruce!
  14. Here at school I am melting YC honeydew melon and burning a GC lemon chiffon candle!
  15. Currently it's YC garden sweet pea in two melters. I also melted YC star fruit and orange and CHC vanilla grapefruit.
  16. Twinsmom, I like Village Candles. For the money they are not bad.
  17. Still hot here, but the leaves are really starting to fall! Melting: CYS autumn lodge YC juicy orange
  18. Two really strong ones from Can-Do this morning....caramel nut clusters and country store!
  19. At school today i melted YC fruit salad while burning a GC lemon chiffon candle,,,the mixture was awesome! At home it's been YC red berry and cedar in two melters!
  20. It is very dry, dusty and hot here in SC. The little taste of fall we had disappeared pretty quickly! Recent melts: YC coconut bay...weak YC island guava...weak YC honeysuckle...strong
  21. Just started: YC good morning Can Do gingerbread Recent melts: Southern Star sweet country custard...yummy CYS Into the Woods...nice but weak YC greenhouse...weak YC eucalyptus...weak Blended together: LOL vanilla coke Fragrant Memories decadent brownies
  22. Recent melts: GHBT tayberry and teakwood...I've given up on her reopening! YC patchouli YC mountain lake
  23. I can't watch Hoarders...too depressing! At school I have been burning Gold Canyon lemon chiffon candle......scrumptious!
  24. Happy Labor Day everyone! Hoping to go by BBW later to possibly pick up a Slatkin candle or two! YC rhubarb plum moderate YC lilac blossoms...moderate YC eucalyptus...weak, bit it's a very old tart YC country linen
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