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  1. Afternoon all, better day here weather wise. Cold but sunny. Just got back from Sunday lunch out, yummy. Now relaxing reading and melting YC Honey Lavender Gelato. Michele and Amy, looked as though you had fun yesterday. Maggie and Amy, I'm sure you will today too.
  2. Melting Jamaican Cafe and Walnut by Maple tree melts, its basically a coffee and walnut mixed with something else but don't know what. It's probably rum! Normally I hate coffee/cocoa and chocolate scents but this is gorgeous
  3. AmyJo I didn't get much, just a few melts, plus I bought a new bag. Pics up soon
  4. Morning all, sounds like everyone had a great weekend. Monday morning brings coffee out with a friend. Then some retail therapy. There is a Yankee Candle shop, so there may be purchases ???? Who's meeting who this weekend? And where? You must post pictures xx
  5. Hey everyone, been busy today so not melted anything till now. Turned colder here too so have put Fireside Treats by Yankee Candle in all my burners downstairs. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday x
  6. Morning, as the temperature has dropped from a glorious 66f and 55f for the last two days to about 47f and drizzly, I'm melting Sweater Weather by Darley Lama.
  7. She doesn't have a website, she only does it through FB x
  8. Melting Pear & Freesia in kitchen and Persian Sunset in living room. Both by Darley Lama
  9. Hi MaggieMae, brilliant, I'll private message you now xx
  10. Hey everyone, not been on here a while. I had a stinking cold and not had a proper sense of smell. Feeling better now and back to melting. Today I've got Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie - Lavender Marshmallow in my living room YC Fireside Treats in my kitchen How has everyone been? ????
  11. Morning all, I'm melting all the sunsets today YC Serengeti Sunset in the kitchen and YC Sunset Breeze in the living room Hope you've all had a great weekend xx
  12. Thank you for that, I am on my mobile phone, maybe that is indeed why? Starting my day off by going for a walk, it's cold here, thankfully no snow. Will be melting when I get home, not sure what as yet, thinking floral today but no doubt i'll change my mind. Good morning, you're all asleep as I write this. Minimum 5 hours behind me xx
  13. Emojis are enabled, I'm sure they'll turn up eventually, lol Soup was delicious, you'd have been welcome here. We have daffodils here too. Too early I know! Incidentally, Daffodil is our national flower in Wales. Today is also the Welsh Valentines day, St Dwynwens.
  14. No sign of the emojis as yet. Hope everyone is well today? Just got back from taking my mum grocery shopping (my weekly ritual) and now making some Potato and Leek soup from scratch. We've had wintry showers for the last couple of days, the mountains behind me are covered. Just lit YC Christmas Cookie, I love this smell, it's so cozy. Xx
  15. Good morning everyone, just had a couple of busy days where I've not had time to change any melts. I've two electric ones on timers so they've been coming on as normal, can't remember what's in them and there's no smell coming from them. So, time to empty them and I'm going with Kitchen-Skittles by Darley Llama Living room- YC Winter Wonder Happy Wednesday everyone ???? Ps hoow do you get all those emojis? Xx
  16. MaggieMae , just favourited your Etsy shop,wow very nice. So talented xx
  17. Afternoon all, midday here, As I'm home all day today I've decided to indulge in candle burning. YC Peach and Lavender YC Viva Havana DW Blackcurrant Pumpkin The vendors I use don't do many BBW dupes, unfortunately, the do tend to do Lush dupes, which in most cases are amazing. I buy from 4 or 5 vendors here in the UK. X
  18. Late start for me today, its 2pm in the UK. Burning Goose Creek Sparkling Woods in the kitchen. Living room I am melting 1000 Wishes from a UK vendor called Cleaves. Its a dupe of BBWs 1000 Wishes I believe. We don't have BBW in the UK so don't know how authentic it is. I really like it though. I wish we had BBW here, I belong to another candle group on FB so that's how I know about it. The fragrances sound amazing.
  19. Yay, it's back. Even though I only joined a short time ago, I missed you all x
  20. Good morning all! It's already 10:30 here in the UK, off out shortly but my burners are loaded ready to light when I get home. All Darley Lama again Kitchen - Lollipops and Lemonade Hallway - Jam n Bread Living room - Coconut Milk and Lavender
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