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  1. Just catching up on here Amy, I'm so sorry to hear about your SIL. Thinking of you all x
  2. NMhoneybear, it was lovely, quite strong. I love the YC original and to be honest, I think the CFTKR one is nicer.
  3. Amy - hope your Thursday is less stressful. Yes, wax purchases always compensate. I'm awaiting a delivery from Daisy Chains Wax, I had a dispatch notice yesterday so hopefully it'll arrive today. I bought that mystery box from them a few weeks ago which I was impressed with. Today I'm melting CFTKR YC dupe of Wild Sea Grass in the kitchen Daisy Chains Wax Winter Fairy.
  4. Hey everyone, not been here for a while, how are you all? Maggie ~ I hope your eye is better. Amy ~ that Pink Sugar Marshmallow sounds delightful, another one to possibly put on my list. Today I'm melting Kitchen ~ Sugarplum Fairy Living Room ~ Coconut Milk and Lavender Both by Darley Lama.
  5. Morning all, Amy, Custom list is coming along great. I'm not up until last week of June so I still have time. How it works is you go on a list and she does about 10 people's orders per week. It's a looong list, she's popular. I ordered about 6 months ago and 6 months prior to that. Here's my list so far, subject to change of course lol. Then I'll decide what formats to have them in, Pies, bag of shapes or pot shots etc. Lavender, Pink Sugar, Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk and Lavender Aussie Shampoo Coconut Milk and Pear and Marshmallow Bear Claws????? Jasmine, Blackberry and Vanilla (Falling in love dupe) 1000 wishes Cotton Candy, Marshmallow and Pink Sugar Pear, Fresh Cut Grass and Vanilla (thank you Maggie for that one) Pear and Coconut Milk Hope you all have a lovely day
  6. Morning Oh Maggie, that blend with fresh cut grass sounds amazing, I'll have to check to see if she has that scent. NMhoneybear, those blends sound good too. Amy, the list is getting longer........
  7. He everyone Thinking of your friend Michele Amy, where in the "world" are you now? Lol Debra, I love the sound of Pear Tree, I'm really into Pear scents at the moment. Does anyone have any good blends that go with Pear? I'm up for customs with the Darley Lama in about a month so I'm putting my order together, looking for different combinations too of anything if anyone has any suggestions. I've been taking notes on some blends that I've noticed some of you have had too already, lol. Today I'm melting Living Room ~ Herbal Remedy by Cleaves Kitchen and hallway ~ Lavender Peppermint by Bronte Candle Co. I've only ordered once from this vendor and it was a really small order thankfully as I'm not impressed with them, the smells have been too artificial and gas like if that makes sense. However, this last one I'm trying, which was a freebie smells lovely so far, more lavender than peppermint. Hope you all have a lovely day
  8. Afternoon everyone. Not melting but burning a candle today, Napa Valley Sun by YC. Sad news that Doris Day has passed away, Pillow Talk is one of my favourite films.
  9. Hi everyone. Been quiet these last few days, life has got in the way of my melting. Been really busy. Today I'm melting Kitchen - Darley Lama Pink Sugar Chiffon Lavender Birthday Cake Living Room - CFTKR Chilled Sangria Have a lovely day all!!
  10. Afternoon all Maggie, haircut turned out great, really happy with it. Debra, yes it's good to stay in touch with ex colleagues This morning Mike and I have been out for breakfast to a seaside resort half hour away, then had a wander around the shops and a stroll on a couple of beaches. Now home and melting CFTKR Blueberry White Cake. It's quite strong, second day melting it. It's lovely. Have a great weekend. ????
  11. Morning all, busy morning for me, off out to get my hair cut (desperately needed) then meeting a friend for coffee. We try to do this regularly, ex work colleagues who became friends. Not melting as yet, just cleaned out a couple of burners, now to decide what to melt when I get back. Happy Friday...... its turned colder here, damp and gloomy, 49f.
  12. Good morning.. afternoon here, nearly went on the April thread... I'm melting CFTKR Blueberry White Cake, it's beautiful.
  13. Hey everyone. How are you all? Debra ~ I'm with you on the driving to and from work in the dark, I hated it. Amy ~ where are you now? I can't keep up. Melting today 1000 Wishes by Darley Lama. I believe that it's a dupe of a B&BW fragrance. I follow a few American vloggers on You Tube so I know about this place, lol. Happy Tuesday
  14. Hey everyone, This evening I'm melting Spring Flowers by Daisy Chain Wax Melts. Off to bed shortly so have a great rest of the evening.
  15. Good morning all. I say good but the weather here is atrocious, heavy rain and chilly. Because of the weather I'm melting warm comforting scents Kitchen ~ Goose Creek Caramel Applewood. It's so nice, not to heavy on the Spice. Living Room ~ Cleaves Almond Blossom. Slightly bakery but more floral. Hope you all are having better weather than I am.
  16. Morning all candlelove ~ that drive to CT (I'm assuming it's Connecticut) sounds horrendous but I'm so glad you made it there and back safely. Hope you're all well. It's getting cooler here and the rain is on its way. We've had a lovely week or so of really warm temperatures so I for one am glad it's cooling down. Downside of that is that its bringing the Sahara Sand with it so the cars are going to be filthy, lol ???? This morning I am melting........ CFTKR Cucumber Spritzer in living room CFTKR dupe of YC Wild Sea Grass in kitchen. I really love the YC one so interesting to see how this one does. On cold it's almost identical, in fact I think I like the CFTKR one a bit more. Happy Hump Day everyone
  17. Afternoon all, hope everyone is well. Amy ~ hope you like the melt Maggie ~ that Pink Pear Coconut Milk sounds as though it could truly be delightful. I do love a good Pear scent in wax. It's almost 3pm here and I've had such a busy day so not melted anything as yet. Time to remedy that but not sure what kind of scent I'm in the mood for. Maybe a lucky dip. Oh! My mystery box has arrived from Daisy Chain Wax Melts. I think I told you it's my first order from them. They smell really nice. Not sure if they need to cure though, I've messaged her to ask so we shall see. Hope everyone's tuesday is going well.
  18. Evening all, its still a holiday here (except if you're in the service or retail trade) Normality returns tomorrow when everyone else goes back to work after a 4 day break. Is it the same over there? Been out for most of today so just relight whatever was in my melters from yesterday will refresh all tomorrow.
  19. Morning all and Happy Easter. Woke up to the devastating news coming from Sri Lanka, how so very very sad. Today of all days, but maybe that was the whole point. My thoughts are with everyone involved and their families. This morning I have fresh wax in my melters Living Room - Cleaves Pink Flip Flops ( pink Chiffon chunks with a coconut overpour) Kitchen - YC Honey Lavender Gelato Hallway - Darley Lama Pink Sugar Not doing much today, there are 2 football (soccer) games on TV this afternoon that we will be watching, one involves my team Liverpool. In between games I shall sit in the garden I think, its glorious here today. Have a lovely day everyone
  20. Michele, so sorry about the bereavement. My thoughts are with your daughters boyfriend and his family Amy, the Snow Fairy is a Lush dupe. Not sure of the notes, but it's quite sweet and kind of vanilla. Can't find the scent description as Lush only stock it at Christmas and none of my vendors I use has it listed. Happy Thursday everyone
  21. Cookielady - Death by Cereal, that does sound interesting indeed, lol
  22. Morning, and a very happy birthday to you Maggie. Hope you have a lovely day. In my Melters today (from yesterday in my electric ones with timers) are Pink Sugar & Snow Fairy in living room Skittles in the kitchen Both by Darley Lama. Off out in a bit for coffee with a friend so when I come back I'll put some tea light Melters on.
  23. Hey all! Happy Birthday Aria, hope you have a lovely day x
  24. Debra, it's a gorgeous fragrance, if I saw that online and read the description I would not have bought it. It's got a mild expensive cigar note in there too. Isn't it available over there?
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