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  1. Michele, that Vanilla Rose Tea sounds divine, beautiful. Michele and Maggie, sorry to hear about the storm, hope your power has returned. Just placed another order with the Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium, oops, they're having a 30% all scents must go sale ready to restock autumn scents. Well, it was rude not to order. Just a small order as by the time I ordered this morning a lot of things had sold out. I'm off for a walk shortly, I've done something to my knee since about 3 or more weeks now and it seems to have got worse since Sunday. I thought a nice walk may keep it from seizing up, lol. When I get home i'll be melting Driftwood and Vanilla in kitchen Macadamia Cream Cake in Living room Both by Cleaves. Have a lovely day everyone
  2. Afternoon ladies, it was a hot one yesterday, we went to the beach and it was cooler there, very windy. Today its still warm but rainy. Just got back from having a manicure for the first time since March, it was lovely. Nail salons here in Wales were allowed to open this past Monday. Today I'm melting The Right Butter by The Little Big Wax Co and Pear, Vanilla and Marshmallow by the Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie. Hope you all have a lovely weekend
  3. Maggie, oh my word that Another Day of Sun sounds delicious. I'm rally into pear scents at the moment.
  4. Morning all, up early today. Not melted anything new over the last few days, just whatever is already in the meters that still had a scent, lol. Michele, another wedding, how lovely, your dress sounds beautiful. Amy, the comets sounds exciting. A few weeks ago we had things flying over, cant even remember what they were, meteors? Comets? No idea! I went looking but didn't see them. One was called Dragon I think, a series of lights following each other. I've seen the International Space Station a few times, that's surreal, thinking there's actual people in that bright thing in the sky! Susan, that scent called Bookworm sounds lovely. I have one called Library Books, I'm sure it's similar. Have a lovely day everyone.... I know you're all sleeping as I write this tome!!
  5. Hey all, you're all melting some lovely sounding wax. Hope you're all well, for the last few days it's been rainy and stormy here, we had some lovely warm sunshine on Monday and it was lovely to get out and about. Melting Seaside Doughnuts in the living room by the Little Big Wax Co. I've a candle in my kitchen, All is Bright by Yankee Candle.
  6. Afternoon everybody Well, today it is me that's literally melting! So hot here, not by some of your standards I'm sure but for me it is. 80° and I don't like it. I've got my ceiling fan on in the living room and indeed it is helping. Went out for my walk, wisely I went to one that mostly has woods so it was quite nice walking under the trees. On to wax now Spring Kween by The Little Big Wax Co in the kitchen and hallway, sells of furniture polish and cleaning products. Quite lovely. Marshmallow Fluff by the Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium in the living room. Yep, smells like marshmallows. All sugary and sweet. Maggie, can't wait to see the puppy when you get her. Stay safe everyone
  7. Afternoon all. Melting again today, woop woop, I'm back in a melting mood. In the kitchen I'm melting Relax by Darley Lama. It's a dupe of Radox bubble bath. Do you have Radox over there? In the living room I'm melting Carrie, again from Darley Lama. It was from her Halloween box last year. It's described as sexy, MYSTICAL and musky. It's very relaxing. Hope you're all well.
  8. Well ladies, I'm back to melting, thanks to you lovely lot. Strawberry White Cake by the Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium. Its a dreary day today but have been out for a walk. Have a lovely day everyone.
  9. Maggie, Amy, don't worry, all is fine here. Nothing sinister has happened. We are all fine. No, Amy, haven't been anywhere, we still have a 5 mile rule about travelling. It's slightly flexible for us who live in rural places as your local supermarket/doctor etc might be 10 miles away. Mine is 6 miles or so away. I've just not been in the mood to melt. Burnt a candle a few days ago, that's it. Catching up on here and reading all your lovely scents, I may melt tomorrow. Stay safe ladies.
  10. Good afternoon all, not been here in a while, not melted any in a few days. Amy, hope your DH blood sugar is OK now. Michele, I'm sure it's tough going to your dad's house. Take care. Hope everything is well with everyone. Stay safe.
  11. Hi ladies. Hope you are all well. Melting Sugarplum Fairy by Darley Lama
  12. Morning all, its damp and dreary here, can't complain as we've had some fantastic weather here lately. Michele, glad you've been able to get a haircut. My hair needs it too. It's not too bad at the moment, usually my hair is about just below my chin, without realising we were about a week away from lockdown I went and got my hair cut very short, almost pixie cut. I'm so glad I did. That was mid March. I'm glad we are still in lockdown. England has eased it a bit, people are allowed to travel anywhere in England for their exercise as long as they don't stay overnight anywhere (no hotels or holiday parks open for them to anyway, and definitely not with friends and family or to a second home either) They're not allowed to cross the borders into Wales or Scotland as we are still being strict with our lockdown. Northern Ireland is too but you'd need a boat to get there. Over the last few days there's been a lot more police around as people from England seem to think they can come here to our beauty hotpots, they are being sent right back. Anyway, melting today Relax by Darley Lama Carrie by Darley Lama from last years Halloween box, it's mystical, quite strong, maybe patchouli in there somewhere. Have a lovely day.
  13. Michele, I'm thinking of you and your family, sending you a virtual hug. Melting the same as I did on Thursday, was it Thursday? The days are blending into one. Strawberry White Cake by the Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium Capri Olivio by CFTKR Its been a glorious week her weather wise, 67° today.
  14. Morning all, not been around here for a while, hope you're all okay. All is well here, getting used to it all now. You're all melting some lovely sounding wax, not melted anything in about a week so I'm starting afresh today. In my living room I had 4 melters with wax in, all very faint so lit them all yesterday to finish them off. Smelt quite pleasant even though I couldn't remember what was in there, lol. I could detect pink sugar somewhere. Anyway, all burners are now free of wax and washed. Melting this morning Living room....Strawberry White Cake by The Enchanted Wisp Wax Emporium, a new to me vendor and melting for the first time today so we shall see how that goes. Kitchen....Capri Olivio by CFTKR. Have a lovely day everyone.
  15. Good morning all, and a Happy Easter to you all. Michele, best wishes to your father, hope he gets well soon, thinking of you. This morning I'm melting Strawberry and Lily in the living room Coastal Waves in the kitchen Both by The Little Big Wax Co. Stay safe everyone
  16. Hey everyone, hope you're all well and keeping safe. Not been melting much this past week, we've had lovely weather practically all week so been outside in the garden a lot. Its about 70° here today. Please keep safe everyone, all your melts sound lovely
  17. Hey everyone, hope you're all well? Amy, that Peppermint Vanilla sounds gorgeous. Michele, as does the Sprinkles on Top. I've just taken delivery of my twice yearly order from the Darley Lama, can't wait to open it.
  18. Michele, is it really one month since the wedding? Wow, that's gone so quick, and the world is so different. Maggie, hope you're well? Yes, report in please. Amy, yes, my hands feel dry too with all this handwashing. There'll be a shortage of handcream soon. Stay well everyone Will check back when I've decided on my melts.
  19. Afternoon everyone Hope you're all well and keeping safe. It's very scary out there. Melting Scentsational Egyptian Cotton
  20. Happy Birthday Michele, hope you have a lovely day x
  21. Michele, sorry to hear about your dad, hope he recovers well. Amy, glad you're home, sounds like quite a drive. Hope you're all keeping well in all this madness going on. Yes, wash your hands. Today I'm melting Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from the Halloween special by Darley Lama.
  22. Good morning, Michele, the wedding sounded fabulous, and Hawaii is a dream destination for me..... one day. Maggie, hope you're better. The flooding has been horrendous, thankfully we haven't in our area but about 30 miles away there has been. South Wales and parts of England has major flooding, its been devastating for some areas, especially as there was flooding a week before with Storm Ciara. Yes, we've had the gales and rain but at least we are safe and had no damage. Anyway, today I'm melting Fresh Cut Grass by Daisy Chain Wax Melts Pink Sugar by Darley Lama Have a lovely day everyone
  23. Thanks for the well wishes, we are at the end of this sickness bug thankfully. Maggie, hope you're feeling better and I'm sorry to hear about your relatives. Not a good start to 2020 indeed. Michele, not long to go now, looking forward to hearing about the wedding. OPT? I'm certain I've tried this vendor, sounds familiar. Long story short, a few years ago there were people over here who set up their own online business and bought from American vendors and sold them on. Then, rules came out here that all vendors had to be CLP compliant and every wax had to have a safety label on them. Well, that would include any wax that came from abroad too and it had to be the vendor who did it, not the person here selling it on. That would obviously be so much more work for your vendors to do it just for us. We can still order direct from America obviously, if its for our own use, its only if we sell it on as a business thing we have to comply. Phew, longer story than I thought, lol. Amy, happy news about your colleague, wonderful. Did it snow last night? Carrying on with your challenge Amy, I'm melting Snow Fairy by Darley Lama. It's pink!! Happy Friday everyone.
  24. Morning! Maggie, hope you are feeling better. I'm afraid it's the same over here, we're having an illness bout too. Couple of weeks ago Mike had a cold, on Saturday both myself and my son started with a sore throat (only mild though) then developed into the sniffles for me but has completely floored my son. Temperature, aches and headache. Thankfully he's better than he was. Debra, black and Tiffany Blue sounds amazing. Michele, not long now for the wedding. Amy, joining in today for your melting challenge Kitchen ~ CFTKR Chilled Sangria Living Room ~ Darley Lama Mum's Day Off (pink wax) Have a lovely day everyone
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