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  1. Afternoon all. Michele, sorry to hear about your brother, hope the surgery goes well. Honeybear, happy birthday to your mum Amy, yay for Friday tomorrow, safe journey. Just got back from a few days near Matlock in Derbyshire in England. Weather was hit and miss but we had a lovely time. Electric melters switched on as soon as we got home, can't remember what's in them, lol but I'm still getting a bit of fragrance from them. Will change them tomorrow morning, start afresh.
  2. Afternoon, chilly day here, it really feels like autumn. MaggieMae ~ hope you're feeling better today. Autumn Wreath sounds lovely, don't think I've tried it. AmyJo ~ that Vanilla Latte sounds delicious. Ive put Autumn Stroll back on today, its quite strong still. Have a lovely day everyone
  3. Afternoon all, We'll, seeing as it's autumn now, it feels like it too I'm melting Autumn Stroll by The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie. No idea on scent notes, she's on maternity leave and has shut up shop for a few weeks. Hope your all well.
  4. Michele, off for a few days to Derbyshire, a county in England. Its only about 2.5 hours away
  5. That Tea Blossom sounds lovely. I love tea scents. Are Scentsy worth the money? They seem pretty expensive compared to others.
  6. Morning all, well after our little Indian summer we've had for the last few days, it's raining today. Still warm though. No plans for today as yet. Melting YC Oud Oasis in my living room, not decided on anything elsewhere as yet. Hope you're all well and have a lovely Sunday Oh, Honeybear, hope your daughter is settling well over this side of the pond. I've not done Airbnb yet, trying it next week though.
  7. Hey ladies, not been here for ages, how are you all? AmyJo ~ glad you liked the Harvest Moon. Today I'm melting CFTKR Midnight Pomegranate, it truly is stunning, thank you friend.
  8. Michele, I will be thinking of you and your family too xx
  9. Oh, forgot to tell you what I'm melting.... Living Room - Hibiscus and Sea Breeze by Daisy Chains Wax Kitchen - Buttered Popcorn by Busy Bees
  10. Morning ladies, not been on here as frequently as I have. It's been a busy time here, but I'm back lol. Amy, I love my Glade warmers, especially as I put them on a timer so they come on for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours late afternoon. Sometimes I'll override it so they're on for longer. It's really raining here now, looks like it'll be like this all day so I'm not moving from the house. I've no need to, so I won't. Need to catch up on cleaning, a corner of our bedroom looks like a bomb has hit it! So that will be done today. Hope you all have a lovely day! ????
  11. NMhoneybear, lol, my living room isn't huge. I don't light them all at once. It's all just for convenience if I want a change in scents but there is still some fragrance left in the wax. It does get confusing though cos sometimes I can hardly remember what is in them if I light them a few days later. Yes, I did wash them all at the weekend so they're all empty of wax now. I've been using the glade warmer for the last few days.
  12. Afternoon ladies, debating what to melt. All my warmers in my living room need emptying, no fragrance left in any of the wax in them so I'll do that now then I'll decide what to melt. I have 6 tlight warmers, 1 glade and 1 scenterpiece.Think I'll leave them and wash the tlight ones. How's your Saturday going?
  13. Good Morning all, well here we are in August! How did that happen? Not sure what I'm going to melt today, just emptied my burners ready to put fresh wax in. Not sure as yet, have been burning candles recently but now fancy melting. Hope you're all well!
  14. Amy, it's been warm these last few days, rainy too. But from tomorrow I think we are having a heatwave for a few days. Some parts of the south east of the UK will be hitting about 90 - 96 by Thursday. West Side of the UK it's going to be up to almost 80. That's too hot for me. Its been mid 60s here which suits my Celtic skin fine????????
  15. Debra ~ thank you, yes, it did smell fruity but I couldn't pinpoint it down to anything in particular. Amy - I've not tried the cotton ball method, maybe I'll try that. I use paper towels, using basically the same method. Cheap paper towels from the pound shop so it doesn't seem as wasteful.
  16. Afternoon all. Having a relaxing afternoon watching Wimbledon and continuing to melt Cucumber Spritzer again today. There's a lot of life still in it too. Also just put Lady Katerina by CFTKR on. No idea what I'm smelling in it but it's lovely.
  17. Morning all, back to melting today. Cucumber Spritzer by CFTKR, its very refreshing
  18. Debra, that Daffodils and Daisies sounds lovely. I'm into floral, spring like, cut grass type scents at the moment. Have a lovely weekend all
  19. Hey everyone, Debra - I love thunderstorms! Just got back from lunch out, met my OH after his work and went to a carvery. Now melting YC Tropical Jungle, so refreshing and fruity.
  20. Amy, shall I send it over, I'm done with it now.
  21. Afternoon ladies, how are you all? Sunny day here today, thankfully.
  22. Good morning Melting Spring Flowers in kitchen and hallway and Black Raspberry and Vanilla in the living room Both by Daisy Chains Wax Melts
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