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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Ladies, not been here in a while Michele, when is the wedding? Black sounds very chic for a wedding, I see that a lot in weddings over there, doesn't seem a thing here. Maggie, hope you get positive news re your DH. Amy, rain again here today, and cold too. I'm longing for spring now. Glad you're doing another melt challenge, I've loved your January one. Just changed my wax to.... Living Room - ScentSationals Cuddle Up Kitchen - YC Home Inspirations Sugar Blossom Have a lovely day.
  2. Hi all, Valerie, hope you get answers soon re your husband. Michele, glad the PT is going well. Maggie, Elephants Ear? What on earth does that smell of? Intreagued. For me it's Darley Lama Lavender and Chamomile, so soothing and relaxing. I'm off out shortly, family meal for my uncle who turns 70 next week. Small gathering as he didn't want a party but this week decided a family meal would suit. Looking forward to it, the restaurant is either Bangladeshi or Indian, I can't remember, lol.
  3. Morning all, it's a cold and frosty day today, about 40° and just got back from breakfast with Mike then went meat shopping at a local farm shop. Can't beat fresh from the farm meat (and veg, but didn't buy any) Am in limbo with my melt warmers, sniffed them, no idea what's in them, most have some fragrance left so not sure what to do. Might light a couple of them and see what that smells like. Have a lovely day everyone
  4. Morning all Well, its a blustery cold day here, as we live up in the hills its worse here. Was out early today as needed 2 new tyres for my car, its a lot calmer down there. So, back home now, changed wax to Cleaves Pistachio Pudding Cake in living room Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Pomegranate Coconut in the kitchen. Tell me, is Kettle Corn the same as popcorn? Have a lovely day everyone.
  5. I'm here cookielady, lol Melting Nutcracker in the living room Christmas in New York in the kitchen Both by Darley Lama
  6. Afternoon all, hope you're well. Today I'm melting Frosty Moonbeams by Darley Lama Sandalwood and Black Pepper, again by Darley Lama
  7. Maggie, great title, and as others have said we can all relate!! Happy New year to you all. New year was quiet, spent at home. This morning I'm melting Pumpkin Soufflé by Darley Lama from the Halloween box she did. It's scrummy. First time melting from that box. I'm not a 100% seasonal melter so Halloween in January is fine lol. I'll melt Christmas fragrances in the summer, the other day I burnt YC Napa Valley Sun when it was really wintry out. Anyone here strict seasonal melters? Or not?
  8. Afternoon all, only 7.5hrs left of this decade for me. Hope you all have a lovely evening. Staying in for us. Melting Frosty Moonbeams by Darley Lama all downstairs. Happy New Year everyone xx
  9. December 26th is called Boxing Day and it was traditionally a day off for servants and they received a 'Christmas Box' from the master. The servants would also go home on this day to give 'Christmas Boxes' to their families. Nowadays it's a public holiday where most businesses are closed, some retail are open, hospitals are obviously open but like weekends there are no office staff or clinics, no scheduled operations etc. Boxing day sales happen too, great time for bargains so shops can get hectic. Question, if Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, would the following Monday be a public holiday? It is here. If Christmas and Boxing Days fall on Saturday and Sunday then Monday and Tuesday will be a holiday. Same with New Year's Day too.
  10. Melters on The Magical Melt Co Nutcracker CFTKR Merry Mint
  11. Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I've blobbed for the last 2 days too, the day after Christmas day is also a holiday here too, except for some people in retail, some open, the smaller shops stay closed. Been out for a beach walk today, wrapped up warm as it was chilly. Just got home so not melted today as yet.
  12. Morning all. Amy, glad it wasn't your candle that set the fire alarm off! We haven't had any snow locally, but it is very low on the mountains behind us. It is cold here though. We don't have any traditions that are specifically Welsh that we follow, not that I know of anyway. Susan, so sorry for your break up, hugs. Michele, how is your recovery? Today I'm melting Bathroom, CFTKR Creamsicle Torte Kitchen, CFTKR Merry Mint (stunning) Living Room, The Magical Melt Co Bedtime Bath, I think its a dupe of the Johnsons Baby Bath. It's lovely and reminds me of my son's bathtime as a child. Have a lovely day everyone.
  13. Michele, glad you're on the mend. Maggie, yay for the concerts to be over. Now to relax, lol Amy, happy you got home safely, are you away again this coming week? All your wax sounds wonderful. Not melted today, cleaning the burners in the morning. It's 11pm, I'm in bed with the sound of rain, thunder and lightning, its been really cold today. Happy Saturday
  14. Afternoon all, hope yours all having a lovely Sunday. Maggie, Debra, Amy, I got more Bluebell than Woods. A very strong floral scent, a bit grassy though. Today, I'm cooking a curry so in the kitchen I'm burning a lemon scented candle, just a supermarket generic brand. Living Room I have a Kringle Apple Cider Donut daylight.
  15. Afternoon all, hope you are all well Melting..... Bluebell Woods by Daisy Chains Wax Melts in the kitchen Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow by Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie in the lounge. Happy Saturday!!
  16. Morning all, lovely sunny but cold here today. No snow, just a bit on top of the mountains though. Michele, glad to see you're on the mend. Slowly but surely as they say and don't do anything too strenuous. Cookielady, Snowflake Cookie is one of my all time favourite YC scents. Amy, it's so true what you say about fragrances and memories. I like the sound of that Francincense and Myrrh. When I was in Manchester I went into a high end department store and there was a section there with candles. I did smell a F&M one there, it was beautiful but it was so expensive, about £60 for a candle maybe slightly smaller than a medium YC jar. Today I'm melting Wickford & Co Frosted Sugar Plum ( inspired by one of your recent melts Amy, I think) Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie Toasted Marshmallows. Have a lovely day! Oh, isn't it December now, new thread??
  17. Michele, glad you are making good progress, that's great to hear. Wonderful to hear the news about your brother but I'm so sad to hear about your friend. Not melted today so nothing to report.
  18. Good day to you all from a very cold North Wales. I was up and out of the house early today for a hair appointment at 9am, it was so cold and it's the first time I've had to de ice the windows of my car. It was 0°C which, for you is 32°F. The sun is shining and the skies are blue though. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Michele, I hope you're feeling better after the surgery. Today I'm melting Nutcracker by Darley Lama. Happy Friday everyone.
  19. Afternoon all, Amy, I hope you are feeling better today, at least you are off work so you can take it easy, though I'm sure with Thanksgiving you won't. That Coconut Macaroon candle does sound enticing, yum yum for the real thing Michele, hope your knee surgery goes well. Cookielady, very appley today, lol. That Winter Apple by Kringle sounds lovely. It's a very mild 53° this afternoon, not long got back from a short shopping trip with my mum, just to a town about 40mins away. We got there early. She doesn't drive and she didn't want my dad to take her, he "rushes" her (don't all men?) She got what she wanted so that was good and we then went for a coffee before coming home. Now melting.... Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow by Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie in the living room. Zen by ScentSationals in the kitchen. Have a lovely day everyone
  20. Afternoon ladies, Oh Valerie, that's awful, so sorry for your daughter. You will be so glad when she's home Amy, I do that too, forget the very thing I go to the supermarket for. So annoying! Debra, I'm like you, 3pm on a Saturday is not the time to go food shopping. If I need to go at the weekend it'll be in the morning, though on a Sunday the supermarkets are ony open from 10 or 11am till 4 or 5pm. Not long got back from Sunday lunch out. Delicious. Burners switch on at 3pm and can't remember what's in them, lol Happy Sunday everyone
  21. Hi everybody, sorry to have been MIA lol. I'm back!! How are you all? Amy, that Sugar Plum Fairy sounds delicious. So, you're off next week? It'll be so nice to be home for sure, plenty of melting time....... ah, just remembered it's Thanksgiving for you over there isn't it? Melting Lavender Vanilla by Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie in the living room and a Dove soap dupe by Darley Lama in the kitchen and hallway.
  22. Morning from a very wet and miserable Wales! Maggie ~ that Sugared Cake sounds delicious Amy ~ Glad you had a good night's sleep, its lovely when you get one. (What's a Cronut?) Today I'm waiting in, hoping the blind man calls to bring my blinds back. We had 3 new windows put it at the front of the house last week and instead of getting someone else to replace the sills (the wood wasn't looking its best) the window man put a plastic sill cover over them. So, because of the extra thickness it meant the blinds, we have the vertical kind, were now dragging on the sills. Now we had to get them shortened, they said possibly ready by today. Hope so as I hate bare windows. Obviously we have curtains but I hate having them fully opened during the day. We'll, that was a novel!! So while I wait, I'm melting Darley Lama Pink Knickers Darley Lama Frosty Moonbeams
  23. Hey everybody, I'm feeling a lot better, thanks for the well wishes. My nose went dead on me for a day or so, could not smell a thing so no fresh melting for me. I just left what was in my electric melters to carry on. They're on a timer so it was a couple of hours in the morning and a couple in the evening. I must change them today. Valerie, I hope your daughter is better, I'm sending a virtual hug to her from Wales.... It'll get there quicker Amy, hope the crashes on the highway weren't too bad. This morning I've got the t light melters on Cleaves Rainbow Sherbert in kitchen Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie Spellbound on Ice in living room. Have a lovely day everyone
  24. Morning all, miserable weather here today, ladies, all your melts sound amazing Candlelove ~ when do you get your knee surgery? My dad had one about 5 years ago, luckily he had a speedy recovery. I'm sure you will too. Today, I'm not feeling too good, a cold has come on and feel a bit achy. My sense of smell hasn't gone thankfully so melting CFTKR Midnight Pomegranate in living room CFTKR YC dupe Wild Sea Grass in hallway and kitchen. Hope you all have a lovely day
  25. Morning, it's a wet and blustery one here this morning. Just got back from getting a hair cut, good job it was just a dry cut and not the full shampoo, cut and blow dry. That would've been a waste as I got wet and windblown walking back to the car! In the melters I have Autumn Stroll by the Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie in the kitchen Hibiscus and Sea Breeze by Daisy Chains Wax in the hallway Almond Blossom by Cleaves in the living room Hope you're all well. Have a good day everyone
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