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Claire BurkeApplejack & Peel Claire Burke Scented Candle Review

Type: 9oz Tulip Shaped Luxury Candle

Fragrance: Applejack and Peel

Cost: $25.00

Burn time: Approx. 50 hours

Scent Strength: Medium+ fragrance


Introduction to my Applejack & Peel Luxury Candle from Claire Burke

This is my first experience with a Claire Burke candle. I’ve always been curious about this brand so I’m glad I was finally able to try one. I have a natural curiosity toward luxury candles. I love to word “luxury” – – in my opinion, anytime that word is tied to something, I consider it a “pampering/indulging” item and I can’t help but migrate toward it. I think because they’re so expensive, I have this mindset they must be incredible.

I’m not sure how many fragrances Claire Burke carries but looking at their site, I counted 12. Each scent is signature though as in… most of them have been duplicated and mass marketed one way or another. They make potpourri, simmer Claire Burke Pillar Scented Candleoils, diffusers, bath products, candles and candle accessories. Their candles are absolutely gorgeous! The container candles are classy but most especially, their pillar candles are incredible. Oh my gosh are they beautiful and decorative. I’d buy a few just to display and showcase alone. Each pillar has botanicals inside such as dried oranges, apples, cinnamon sticks etc… The overall look is fabulous and definitely worthy of purchase as decorative pieces or to give away as gifts.

I acquired my Claire Burke candle from a site called This site FreshBet Logocarries a variety of candle brands so it’s kind of like one stop shopping and makes it nice when you want to buy a variety. I decided for my first review of Claire Burke to be Apple Jack & Peel. This is their staple scent and extremely popular… I couldn’t resist.



How did my Apple Jack & Peel Candle from Claire Burke Smell?

Apple Jack & Peel is a signature scent in the candle world and very popular and well known. I had never tried this scent before until now so it seemed rather fitting that I got the burn the real McCoy and not a duplicate from another company. Here’s the scent description from’s website:

Applejack & Peel Scented Candle Review“A best seller for more than 40 years. Warm and welcoming aroma of baked apples, cinnamon, spice and a twist of citrus.”

This fragrance is very fall/wintery for sure. I thought it was super spicy and I could totally smell the cinnamon, apples and citrus. I can see why this scent is a best seller… it’s very inviting and warm. It reminds me of walking into a gift shop where you can smell potpourri and baked spices in the air.

The only negative to this candle is it didn’t burn well at all (see “how did my candle burn” for details). I’m hoping this is not normal because I really did enjoy this scent and would purchase it again. It was a very spicy scent and I think perfect for winter.



Scented Candle ReviewHow did My Apple Jack & Peel Candle from Claire Burke burn?

This candle did not burn very well at all. I was very surprised considering the price of this candle. It tunneled horribly. Normally, I can use my wick dipper to push leftover wax on the sides of the glass into the wax pool (so all the wax gets used and nothing is wasted) but I had a hard time doing that with this candle. The wax that didn’t melt wasn’t soft enough and after attempting a few times and making a mess, I gave up.



Overall opinion of my Claire Burke Candle:

Even though this candle didn’t burn very well, I’m still glad I able to try a Claire Burke candle. I think the next one I’m going to try and review will be one Claire Burke Logoof their pillars. They are SO beautiful!!

Was this candle worth its luxury price? Hard to say because of the way it burned. But, the scent itself was wonderful and with the melt pool I was able to achieve, it was pretty strong. I hope I received a dud because the overall packaging with this company is lovely and they really do make beautiful gifts.

Happy candle burning!

~ Christina

… the online store I acquired my candle from.

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