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Aria Sanari Luxury Candle ReviewAria

By Christina Rylan

Brand: Sanari

Type: 8.5 plant based luxury candle

Fragrance: Aria

Scent Strength: Light/Medium



First impression of Aria from Sanari: 

Aria marks my second and final review for the brand Sanari I had the pleasure of experiencing. I have to tell you, if you love eco-friendly candles made with pure ingredients, this is definitely a company you need to check out. The moment you put your nose to the wax, you’ll feel it and know… the essential oils are unmistakable.

Now back to my candle. Mmmm! This candle smelled like pure and refreshing aromatherapy. A fragrance you can’t help closing your eyes to while taking a deep inhale. That’s what I did the moment I put my nose up to the wax. This is my favorite part of candles made with pure essential oils, they always smell so natural and soothing.

Here is the scent description for Aria:

Sweet and herbal notes of refreshing eucalyptus, a shimmer of bergamot and juicy sweet tangerine, falling into beautifully fragrant ylang ylang, fresh mint and lavender, finishing it off with warm patchouli and calming cedarwood.

Smelling the wax and reading that amazing description, my nose detected sweet tangerine the most. Everything else was blended so seamlessly, it was hard pinpointing each individual note. That didn’t detour me at all… I was excited to simply light the wick and wait for the magic to begin. That’s when all those yummy notes may come to life.

Let’s get to it!

I lit this candle in a small room and that’s where it stayed till the very end. I just love Sanari wicks. They’re wide and made of thin cotton paper, and boy do they burn beautifully. The wick lit right up and soon after (15 minutes if that) a full melt pool was reached and the aroma of sweet tangerine filled my bathroom. Up close, I could smell the ylang ylang and hints of mint but once you move away from the candle, tangerine is the predominant element in the room. I didn’t mind that at all. My guest bathroom smelled so fresh, smooth and citrusy, a scent you seriously just want to inhale forever. It was like slicing into a tangerine and putting your nose right up to the fruit. Very realistic and a testament to what essential oils should smell like. Loved it!

Strength – I would rate this candle an 8 out of 10 in a really small room. Because of the size, I wouldn’t attempt burning it in anything larger.



How did my candle burn?

This candle burn PERFECT!! Zero wick issues. Clean burning from beginning to end. Just make sure you take a pair of scissors and trim that wick when it needs it. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with a huge flame and that’s not good.



Closing to my review: 

Mmm!! As a citrus lover, this candle was simply spectacular and I enjoyed every moment of it. The strength was on the subtle side but that’s normal with any candle made with pure essential oils. These types of candles aren’t meant to knock your socks off… they’re created to soothe and illuminate and this candle delivered 100%.Sanari

Definitely give Sanari a try if organic ingredients are important to you. This company doesn’t compromise in that department and it’s very evident when you burn one of their candles. I’m hooked!

Happy candle hunting!

~ Christina

Visit Sanari 

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 4/5
Burn Performance: 5/5
Strength: 4/5 (rated in a small room)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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