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Baan Pomelo Soy Candle Brand Sunshine Candle

Product Name: Sunshine

Product Description: Our SUNSHINE candle is exactly like a ray of sunshine: it's designed to brighten your day and give you boost of energy. It combines the zing of fresh oranges with the warmth of fresh-cut lemongrass and ginger!

Brand: Baan Pomelo

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Candlefind Says

A great soy candle with energizing and uplifting qualities!


  • Even, clean burn
  • Long-lasting
  • Great scent throw


  • Constant wick maintenance a must

Intro To My Soy Candle Review

All natural candles are taking the market by storm these days. I’m all for it, especially the older I get. I find myself searching for soy candle brands to add to my ever-growing list of loves. Baan Pomelo is run by a lovely woman, Apinya, and her husband. As a native of Thailand, Apinya uses many essential oils from this area. The 100% soy wax candles are a creation of love and obvious attention to detail. I had a chance to test out a few of their candles and have been glad to do so. The first one that caught my eye was the Sunshine candle. Maybe it was the bright yellow-colored wax or just the fact that I needed a little brightness in my day, but I grabbed this one quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Baan Pomelo Sunshine Candle in field of lemongrass

First Impressions of This Soy Candle 

This candle came in a beautiful opaque candle jar that was heavy in the hand. It screamed quality from the first time I held it in my hand. I’m used to the typical off-white coloring of soy wax candles, but this wax had a deep yellow coloring to it. It was beautiful and instantly brightened my day! The label was a matching yellow color and there was a single, well-centered wick. All togtether this candle just had a luxurious feel to it.

One quick whiff and I felt instant bliss! The smell of zingy citrus and the bite of ginger instantly grabbed me by the nose. It smelled so bright and invigorating! It had a great cold sniff, too. I looked to the website for the scent description:

Our SUNSHINE candle is exactly like a ray of sunshine: it’s designed to brighten your day and give you boost of energy. It combines the zing of fresh oranges with the warmth of fresh-cut lemongrass and ginger!

From Baan Pomelo’s Website

That was a great scent description as it really captured what I was smelling. I couldn’t wait to light it!

I lit this soy candle in a guest bathroom and hung out in the guest bedroom while it was going. It did not take long for me to notice the distinct smell of lemongrass…citrusy with that bit of a twang. It’s hard to describe – just one of those scents you know it when you smell it. I didn’t get that much of the lemongrass on cold sniff, but it was the first thing I noticed once burning. As the candle continued to burn, I smelled more of the orange notes and hints of ginger. It was divine! And very energizing, for sure! The scent itself was fairly strong and the scent throw was all throughout that bathroom and guest bedroom. I could even smell it wafting on out into the hallways. It was a great scent that instantly lifted my mood and brightened my day.

Blades of Grass in Sunlight

How Did This Soy Candle Perform?

The thing I love about soy candles from most companies is the slow, long-lasting burn. This soy candle brand did not disappoint. My candle did not take a long time to get a full wax melt pool. It burned all the way out to the edges and had an even burn throughout. My only problem was the wick itself…I was careful to trim my wick, even for the first burn. Maybe it was the nature or amount of the essential oils used, but I did need to constantly trim this wick. If I didn’t, the flame would get a bit larger than I would like. The site does warn the max single burning time should be 4 hours, and I would agree with that. I found myself snuffing the candle out at two hours and immediately relighting, just to be sure and to keep the flame in my comfort zone.

There was no black sooting from this candle, even when the flame was on the larger side. I’ve come to expect that with soy candles, so I was glad to see this was the case. I found the candle burned all the way down with no wasted wax. I was able to enjoy the invigorating scent for about 50 hours – not bad for this candle size!

Closing To My Soy Candle Review

I really enjoyed my intro to Baan Pomelo candles and I can’t wait to try more from their lineup. It’s certainly a soy candle brand I can get behind. The freshness and energizing quality of this particular candle was amazing! I did find it lifted my spirits and was just what the doctor ordered. If you like citrusy, bright scents, this is a good one to try. Just be sure to mind your wick carefully and this will be a candle to enjoy for hours.

About Baan Pomelo

Baan Pomelo is a luxurious soy candle brand that uses natural soy wax, all cotton wicks, and pure essential oils to create their candles. The company is owned by Apinya, a Thailand native, and her husband. They travel to procure the best essential oils for their candles, including lavender from the south of France. They currently offer a small selection of candles, designed to bring you relaxation and inner peace.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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