Who doesn’t love it when a popular candle company adds new scents to their lineup? Candleberry just added several new fragrances that sound pretty

Here they are:

  • Black Sand Beaches – Soft black sandy beaches, created over millions of years by the majestic island volcanoes. The warm, sun-kissed winds of the island brush across the expanse of the emerald waters, carrying the fragrance of tropical fruits and sugared citrus.
  • Bamboo & Linen – The absolutely enchanting fragrance of bamboo and white flowering botanicals, entangled with bright middle notes of fresh green accords take you to what seems to be a fantasy on the other side of the world.
  • Mandarin Melon – A colorful heirloom melon variety, carved into thirst quenching geometrical shapes, mingled together with mounds of vibrant sparkling slices of the sweet little mandarin orange.
  • Gingerberry Sweet Wine – Deep, luscious berry nectar join the Cabernet Franc grape and warm pink ginger’s perfumed sharpness for a celebration that is the best the rolling vineyard has to offer.

The new scents candles are available in 26-, 10-, and 160-oz. jars, plus simmering cake tarts.

Happy candle shopping!

~ Christina

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