Oh my! Fantastic new Fall fragrances available from Candleberry Candle Company. The following scents are now available:

  • Bourbon: This scent encapsulates memories of cake-crafting with exquisitely aged Kentucky Bourbon and a recipe for sugar-cream, glazed marble cake. It is an absolutely gorgeous, warm chocolate and vanilla swirled cake, drenched with a sweet, bubbling bourbon glaze.
  • Flowering Indian Pine: This fragrance is a total power-house, featuring crisp, clean notes of Siberian fir needle, agave leaves, exhilarating citrus and rosewood (among others).
  • Honey Pecan Rum Cake: Pecans and toasted oats, drizzled with honey and baked to golden perfection and a vanilla cake, moist to the point of melt in your mouth. Now cover all of that with warm, buttery rum drizzle and you have taste perfection and a house-filling fragrance that bears all!
  • Maple Bacon Donuts: A fluffy, delicate confection, with maple glaze dripping into every little nook of the pastry. All of this soft and warm yumminess is completely covered in crystallized, caramel, maple-drenched, bacon crumbles.
  • Vanilla Cream Avalance: An amazing and very unusual, powerfully carrying, creamy vanilla liqueur. This fragrance delights the senses with the aroma of spicy bread and satiny sweet blast of creamy vanilla-frosted rice pudding, finishing with a soft lingering of decadent cinnamon raisin cake.

Which one(s) will you try?