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Oh my! Fantastic new Fall fragrances available from Candleberry Candle Company. The following scents are now available: Bourbon: This scent encapsulates memories of cake-crafting with exquisitely aged Kentucky Bourbon and a recipe for sugar-cream, glazed marble cake. It is...
Here at Candlefind, we love a good sale. We especially love "scent of the month" offers because it allows us to try new scents or stock up on favorites - all at a great price! These companies are offering the...
First Impressions of My Creama di Lavanda Candle This marks my third review of the luxury brand Unearthed by Candleberry and I must say… I am super impressed so far. My last review was a bakery scent called Confectio, which may...
Confectio - The Candleberry Co, Unearthed By Christina Rylan Brand: Unearthed, by The Candleberry Co Type: 24oz Unearthed luxury candle Fragrance: Confectio Scent Strength: Strong First Impression of my Confectio Candle: Oh. My. Goodness!! I about swooned when I smelled this candle. It was solid bakery...
  Augustus – The Candleberry Co., Unearthed By Christina Rylan Brand: Candleberry Candle Co. Type: 14oz Lusso, Unearthed luxury candle Fragrance: Augustus Scent Strength: Strong   First impression of Augustus from Candleberry Candle Co:  Okay candle lovers… did you know Candleberry has a new luxury line of scented...

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