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Candle NewsBox Reveal: December 2021, Let's Get Santa-mental

Box Reveal: December 2021, Let’s Get Santa-mental

Find out what all was included in our December subscription boxes!

Candlefind Subscription Box Reveal

The holidays are here and so are our December candle subscription boxes! This month we focused on all things wintery and festive. Our included vendors really brought their creativity to the holiday table, making this last box of the year one of the best!

About Our Box Reveals

We don’t discuss the full content of our boxes until they have shipped out, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise. After boxes have started to leave our doors, we post our monthly box reveal, going through all the contents of each box type in detail. It’s our opportunity to explain the meaning behind the current month’s theme, how we choose products for the boxes, and to give you some more details on each specific product included. If you have not yet received your box and still want to be surprised, we advise you to stop reading now. Some of you still may not have your boxes, yet you’re anxious to see what’s inside. If you have your box, pull it on out and read along!

Theme: Let’s Get Santa-mental

Candlefind December Subscription Box Let's Get Santa-mental

It’s no surprise we went all in with the upcoming holiday season. We had wax melts and candles that reminded us of the chill in the air as well as the fun festivities. We included holiday shapes and winter scents galore…plus a few extras in the spirit of the giving season!

Candlefind December 2021 Subscription Box

Companies in the Boxes

August Moon Candles

Found in: The Flicker, The Flame, The Luxe

August Moon Candles is based in New York and specializes in handmade novelty candles & wax melts. The candles often include embeds that match the scent and the wax melts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We had some adorable snowmen and snowflakes that put us in the holiday mood. Just look at that beautiful wax melt pool!

August Moon Wax Melts in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes

Creating Candles is my outlet to release the everyday stress. The art, the design and bring it to fruition is the most enjoyable & relaxing thereby after everyday stress. I would love to share my creations with you.

Nyah, August Moon Candles

Cosmic Green Candles

Found in: The Flame

Cosmic Candles in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes

These eco-friendly candles offer up a clean burn with soy wax and wooden wicks. What’s more, they support One Tree Planted! The clever, tongue-in-cheek names had us guessing what scent notes would be inside. The wintery/holiday scents we chose for this month’s box fit perfectly for our Santa-mental theme.

Cosmic Green Candles are made of soy wax and wooden wicks. As a sustainable brand, we are honored to support reforestation with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to sustainability. One candle sold plants one tree.

Cosmic Green Candles

Jenni’s Crafty Center

Found in: The Flicker

Jenni's Crafty Center Wax Melts in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes

The 100% soy snap bars from Jenni’s Crafty Center are so beautiful and so much fun! We love the fragrant options and the ease of use of the snap bars. We found some scents for the holidays and boy…are they good!

I’m proud to say that my wax melts are made with 100% soy wax with no additional additives, ethnically sourced mica powders, and biodegradable glitter. They are also highly scented as well.

Jenni, Jenni’s Crafty Center

Madison Valley Candles

Found in: The Luxe

For 100% soy candles and wax melts that are 100% fabulous, look no further than Madison Valley Soy Candles. They carry a wide variety of scents and products that always keep us coming back for more! We offered up a good selection appropriate for the holiday season, and they were all the bomb!

Madison Valley Wax Melts in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes

Over the years our customers have fallen in love with our all-natural Soy Candles and amazing gift products. From the beginning we have committed to only use materials from U.S. suppliers. This has provides us with stable and consistent finished candle each and every time.

Madison Valley Candles


Found in: The Luxe

Musee Candles in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes
Photo credit: Musee

Luxurious candles made with a mission – this company hires primarily women in recovery, with disabilities, and/or those in chronic poverty. The candles are simply divine, and the story behind them makes them irresistible. We chose some scents that we thought would fit in with the celebratory season, but these are perfect to burn year-round.

Zeep Bath

Found in: The Flicker

Zeep Wax Melts in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes
Photo credit: Zeep Bath

Talk about fun! Zeep has some super scented, super cute wax melts and bath/body products. We simply can’t get enough. They have a limited supply of each of their scents, so it’s good to snap them up when you see them. The ones in our boxes were decorative AND yummy!


Found in: The Flicker, The Flame

Shopping for candles should be fun! That’s one of the reasons Candlemart by Hanna’s Candle Company stands out from the crowd. We love them for the variety, quality, and reasonable prices! The wax melts we chose for this box fit in perfectly with our theme. We’ve heard customers rave about the wax melts, and we would certainly agree.

Candlemart Wax Melts in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes
Photo credit: Candlemart by Hanna’s Candle Company

Candlemart’s selection includes container candles of all sizes and fragrances, scented wax melts, and unscented white and ivory event candles including: pillars in multiple sizes, floating candles, tapers, and votives. We have over 30 fragrances of scented wax beads, including bulk bags; and over 50 fragrances of clamshell cubed wax melts. Best selling 5 wick richly fragranced luxury candles. We know you want to experience as many of the fragrances as possible for yourself, so we include a free full size sample with every order. 


Bedrock Home Deco

Found in: The Luxe

Bedrock Agate Coasters in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes

Our bonus gift this month for The Luxe box was an agate geode coaster from Bedrock Home Deco. These coasters are soooo much prettier in person – we love them! They even have little “feet” to protect your surfaces. This coaster is perfect to set your candle on while you burn and enjoy the holidays.


Found in: The Luxe

Luxury awaits! This company sells incredibly luxurious bath/body and home fragrance goods. We’ve included a Rose bath bomb this month. Relax & soak it in!

Sabon Bath Bomb in Candlefind December 2021 Boxes

Bonus Gifts

Our bonus gift this month came in the form as some scented wax melts from Whispering Meadows Wax Craft. Straight out of the great state of Illinois, Whispering Meadows creates some beautiful homemade candles, wax melts, & soaps. Their products are soy & come in a variety of scents to please even some of the pickiest noses.

More in the Box

Other items possibly found in this month’s box:

  • Candlefind Branded Lip Balm
  • Candlefind Signature Packaging
  • 2 Cello Bags. We know that cello bags are the best way to store your wax melts to help them maintain their scent. We’ve given you a couple in case you want to store some of your box contents in them. (Flicker & Flame only)
  • Custom Matchbook (Flame & Luxe only)
  • Exclusive Coupons
  • BONUS scents: We occasionally have extra goodies to include in your box!

News & Next Month’s Box

Candlefind January 2022 Subscription Box Theme

That wraps up one full year of our Candlefind candle subscription boxes! We look forward to 2022, with our January boxes full of surprises.

Happy candle burning!

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