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Candle Lists5 Best Marshmallow Scented Candles

5 Best Marshmallow Scented Candles

Forget the calories and grab one of these delicious marshmallow scented candles!

Candlefind Presents Best Marshmallow Scented Candles

Marshmallow scented candles are just about as diverse as the gooey confection itself…especially now that gourmet marshmallows, like these delights from Mountain Mallow, have become a thing. Aside from tasting delicious, these little treats smell delicious in candle form, too! We’ve picked out our favorite marshmallow scented candles and lined them up for you below!

BH&G Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa

BH&G Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa
The Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa fragrance has the delectable allure of warm cocoa and creamy milk chocolate swirled with rich touches of frothy vanilla, whipped cream and pure marshmallow sweetness. Very rich and delectable! Photo credit: BH&G

Warm, creamy cocoa with just the right amount of sticky sweetness from the marshmallows – yum! Check out our full review here.

Goose Creek, Marshmallow Sugar

Goose Creek, Marshmallow Sugar Candle
Fluffy marshmallows are melted and blended with sugar to create a creamy, marshmallow batter. Top:Fluffy Marshmallows, Batter; Mid:Warm Vanilla Bean; Base:Vanilla Sugar, Sweet Cream Photo credit: Goose Creek

Schedule the trip to the dentist NOW! This sticky sweet fragrance is on the super sweet side, and we love every minute of it. You can’t beat this marshmallow scented candle.

DW Home, Vanilla Bean & Saffron

DW Home, Vanilla Bean & Saffron Candle
Warm vanilla bean and toasted saffron enhanced by a soft amber, sweet tonka, marshmallow, and golden brown butter. Photo credit: DW Home

If the sweetness of marshmallow is just a bit too much for your taste, saddle up next to Vanilla Bean & Saffron from DW Home. The warmth of amber with the earthiness of saffron make this one a different marhsmallow scented candle…and it’s spectacular!

Candleberry, Marshmallows & Embers

Candleberry, Marshmallows & Embers Candle
Take a walk back to childhood as the rich fragrance of toasted marshmallow mingles with the smells of charred firewood and vanilla bean. The campfire has just begun to flicker as evening descends and stories begin to tempt the imagination. Photo credit: Candleberry

For a bit of smokiness blended well with the sugary sweetness of marshmallow, no one does it better than Candleberry.

The Dandelion Wish Shop, Marshmallow Pumpkin Cupcake

The Dandelion Wish Shop, Marshmallow Pumpkin Cupcake Wax Melts
A scrumptious blend of marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean, pumpkin, and cupcake topped with an almond biscotti glaze! Yum, yum! Photo credit: The Dandelion Wish Shop

Marshmallows and cake? The addition of the buttery cupcake and creamy frosting notes make this marshmallow scent to die for.

There you have it…our picks for the 5 best marshmallow scented candles that you can buy these days. Of course, there are many other fabulous ones on the market. Did we miss any of your favorites? Grab a bag of fluffies and chime in below to let us know.

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