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The 6 Letter Word Game

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Hmmm....I'm singing the ABC song in my head & I'm pretty sure U & V are before W. [smilie=th_biqazm1] What the heck....we're the only ones playing this game...we can do what we want, right? [smilie=th_200912104451]


Z - zephyr

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[smilie=th_thConfus_55] What?? W doesn't come after T? You're kidding right? [smilie=th_TONGUE22111] I think I'm gonna blame that on my computer too.....lol. What's funny is that I think I changed my answer before I posted....someone needs to go back to kindergarten....or get more sleep. [smilie=th_biggestgrin]


Ok....I'll make up for it..... ;)

U- unjust

V- varies

A- adhere

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