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This forum is now open to consumers, sales representatives, and vendors alike. For consumers that want a private place to chat, consider joining the Consumers Only Club. There is a Vendors Only Club as well, open only to vendors and sales representatives. 

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please email: andrea at candlefind dot com. 

Thanks & have fun!

Fun & Games



  1. The Game Room

    Yet another room to occupy your already scent filled time... except this one is just for frivolous games.

  2. Winner's Circle

    Win some smellies or B&B? Here's the place to boast, brag and make us all jealous.

  3. Forum Contests

    Want to win free candles, melts or gift certificates? How do I participate? It's easy... join the fun in our game room for eligibility.

  4. Enter to Win

    Know of a company holding a contest for candles or bath/body products? Well, we wanna play too!! Post the fun here.


  5. Testing Testing

    Want to test out a forum feature before making it a permanent part of your forum presence? Here's the place to test out signatures and other forum features. 

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