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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Hope the CC's get there quickly for both of you, Maggie and Deb.


    Sitting up late-holding my 3rd grader while she sleeps and thinking about all the parents affected today. Heartbroken for them.



    I put on some late night melts- all from a generous CF friend.


    Aunt Nena's- Funnel Cake

    Front Porch- Autumn Glory

    Grubby Hollow- Frontier Johnny Cakes


    All smell fantastic on this rainy night.

  2. Good evening everyone. I have been all over the bhg Christmas scents lately, and just love the spiced Apple Wreath.

    Too bad that CHS is closed-tarts are cute! So glad that I got the Christmas sampler before they closed down. We are melting it from now until Christmas, as sort of an advent calendar.


    Hope everyone has all their shopping and prep for the holidays done. I wish I did! lol.

  3. Yuck to the cold Aria-I feel the same way right now. Ready for napping...


    Ham and beans in the crockpot, laundry going round and round, and I am really sleepy!



    Fragrant Balsam Forest-BHG this is such a smooth greenery scent-just enough pine to be Christmassy, but well rounded with other scents.


    Cinnamon-Holiday time


    Burning-YC Autumn Leaves.


    Have a great afternoon everyone.

  4. Whew! Back from my holiday in St. Louis...it was a million things at once. 12 people in my DD's house-all doing their own thing, 4 dogs that aren't normally together, and a whole lot of compromising!!!


    We did all the touristy stuff for the kids, and it was exhausting. Our dinner was spectacular too. But, I am glad to be home. I am watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with my girls right now [smilie=th_snoopy] , and getting ready to get the tree put up. :confettistars:


    Got some oils simmering-

    Sandalwood Forest

    Cinnamon Vanilla Berry



    Autumn Leaves-YC



    Front Porch-Cake Shoppe

    True Living-Fresh Linen (these are not that bad for Dollar Gen tarts)

    CFTKR-Pink Sugared Serendipity


    Looks like everyone had a great holiday, enjoy the rest of Sunday! [smilie=th_biqazm1]

  5. Good Afternoon all. I have been so busy finishing up all the odds and ends in order to head out of town.


    Honeybear-I am a sucker for red velvet cake-real and in tart form! Luckily, it turned out awesome this time around. I do hope you feel great today. I cannot imagine paying for pb and pickle sammiches. Lolol!


    Hope everyone gets through the family issues and has a good Thanksgiving.


    I am melting-

    Santa Street-Can Do

    Autumn leaves-YC


    Welcome Home-Lol


    Have a great night all.

  6. Ha ha- pickles when you are expecting Saffron and Sandalwood, yeah not so much! lolol [smilie=th_puke]


    So, it has been replaced with Seriously-Scentsations(dd must love this one as she puts it in every chance she gets)

    Also picked up some of the holiday melts that Dollar general is carrying to see if they are worth a snot-so melting- Cinnamon...eh not strong. But that could be because its competing with the big ole pot of stew and red velvet cake I am making for Sunday dinner.


    Have a great night.

  7. Good Morning!

    Beautiful job Gail! I am not a seamstress, so I love it when I see others who can do it.


    Family troubles do work out, hang in there.


    This morning, I couldn't sleep so I put some stuff in kinda early-

    Time & Again-Saffron & Sandalwood (IDK why but it reminds me of pickles-sort of)

    CFTKR-Pink Sugared Serendipity



    Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Happy Saturday! You are all so fantastic-thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I hope to recover, am working very hard on it daily. If I could just feel my toes, I think I would be grateful! Sending great big hugs back out to all of you!


    Sweet-I emailed you. Thanks a bunch!


    For the morning, I decided to light a bunch of candles


    Fresh linen-Mainstays in the bathroom

    Key lime pie-Mainstays in the kitchen

    Autumn Leaves-YC

    Sage & Citrus-Keepers of the light(Cheerful Giver)


    I would love to see the window coverings Gail.


    I have been picturing the look on my DD's and her fiance's faces when I show up to dinner on Thanksgiving wearing my cone! lol-they would think I had lost my mind.


    Maggie- Flowers? Yay!!!!Come to the darkside! [smilie=th_smiley_emoticons_hurr


    Have a great day everyone.

  9. Good evening all!


    I do look forward to getting to know all the "new to me" faces around here, and getting back in touch with all of my old friends. You all know just how to make someone feel welcome and the outpouring of care that's always been here. Thanks everyone.


    Have fun on your vacay Halo.


    Try not to get too addicted to the new 'puter Trep! Congrats!


    Have fun shopping for new pillars Christy. Yay for your DH!


    Sweet- I keep hearing about Aunt Nena's are all the tarts that good? It seems I have a lot of shopping to do.


    Tonight's tarts are:


    Route 66-Scentsy

    Clean Air-Scentsations


    Man, that Seriously is taking over the house! I think I might need to find some air! lol-and I never say that!


    Have a great night all.

  10. Thanks for the linky- Aria. Maggie-her stuff looks fantastic, and I have bookmarked for when she opens. Dang it-seems like all the new vendors I wanna try are closed for now! [smilie=th_sad2hz1]



    Thanks everyone, [smilie=thank_you] I definitely could use the prayers. I was in a pretty bad car accident this summer. I broke lots of bones- including my back. Its left me with a condition called Cauda Equina Syndrome. Short meaning-I am paralyzed in parts of my lower body. With all of the damage done to my body, I am in severe pain alot of the time. Working on healing the last 5 months, and looking at life alot differently.



    Wildberry Tart-BHG

    Enchanted Evening Walk-BHG

    That's what my DD had going when I got in this afternoon.

    I have also lit Christmas In Paris-YC

    Autumn Leaves-YC


    Have a great night all! [smilie=th_offtobed]

  11. Thanks again everyone. I am going to stop being MIA, I promise. I do spend a lot of time in therapy, Dr. offices, and just trying to keep moving these days. I am learning how to walk again, and figuring out how to keep the pain at bay. It takes me a while to get going so I may not get around to changing out the tart melters until late in the day.


    Lol- Here I am complaining about changing them out, when I almost wasn't here to do it at all.




    Maggie- This shows my absence...VDC? If its amazing, you know I wanna try it!! :lol:


    This morning I am burning my favorite stand by for fall-YC Autumn Leaves.

    Will change out the melters in a bit.

    Have a fantastic day everyone. Stay warm.

  12. Good Morning CF peeps! It has been so long since I have been here, that I have spent quite a long while just reading the thread. I haven't changed up the tarts yet for the morning, but am burning YC Autumn Leaves.


    I do apologize for being away for so long, for anything I missed. My life has taken quite a turn and I am lucky and thankful to be able to be with all of you today.


    Have a great day.

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