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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Have fun on your trip Gail-we will definitely miss you!


    Sorrry guys, just saw the bathroom stuff-

    Maggie-We got smart this time around on the caulk and found some stuff that's supposed to be shower ready in an hour-so far so good!!!

    Katz-we decided to go with flexitec for the floor. It looks great and will adapt to the heat,moisture,etc. in there.


    We had great bones in the bath-just needed some updates and we couldn't pass up the pricing that we found!

  2. No changes in tarts, but am burning a couple of candles this evening-some stuff I picked up at BB&B-smells like YC sun and sand...can't remember who it is though. Also have a clean linen type thingy burning. Yep-I am really helpful! I know! Off to scrape more caulk in the tub-we found some killer deals on new bathroom stuff-vanity/sink/faucet-etc. So I am working on recaulking the tub,painting and all that tonight. The new flooring will be in next week, so we will hopefully have everything else done before that. That way, we can slap the floor down, put in the new vanity-and voila! Easy peasy-right?

  3. I am loving this Pink Tooth Fairy-Haley's... good stuff

    Also burning Winter Wonderland-YC

    Thanks for the well wishes for DH-it was a crazy thing to wake up to. Fortunately, the cost of repair was a whoppin' 15 bucks. Just the water pump-which made the car overheat and shut down...whew! Now I can go back to my regularly scheduled tart shopping! [smilie=typen]



    Trep-hoping you all made it back home safely today.


    Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

  4. Good Morning-

    haven't started anything new yet, but it has been a rough night. DH called me at 2 a.m.-car broke down on his way home last night. We live in a rural area so it could be catastrophic to break down in this cold and not have a cell. At any rate, we got him home(knucklehead did not have a coat in his car) and thawed him out. Now we will be spending the day getting the car fixed...


    I am thinking that I need to look and see if I have any scents that will bring us some good luck on the cost of fixing this! Lol!


    Hope you all have a great day.

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