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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Just have some candles going this morning-too worn down to change out tarts! Lol-


    Lucky Shamrock

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Garden Hideaway


    triple wick White Cake


    MP-Hope your kiddo feels better soon-heck she probably already is this morning!

    LL-sounds like a fun time on the egg hunt. My dd has been invited to one tomorrow also-she is looking forward to it too.

    Becky-is that BHG scent a room filler? I am not sure if I have that one in my pile.

    Everyone is melting some awesome sounding stuff today!

    Hope you all have a great day!

  2. So glad to hear that you may have an answer to the issues for your baby Deb! Hoping he eats well soon!


    This morning I am trying to clean and chase the bulldog around to clean her tail pocket(ewww-it is yucky! and she won't let me get it cleaned very well). So I just put on a couple of things-

    LOL-Oatmeal Raisin Cream Cookies

    LSC-Lemongrass mint


    Hope you all have a great day.

  3. Deb-hugs to you!


    I do hope all the spring colds run through very quickly for everyone.


    Tonight I am melting-

    CFTKR-Pink Sugared Lavendar, Citrus Sensation

    FussAss Mcgee-Innocent Beauty

    OMG-Vanilla Bean Noel


    I am getting ready to get the kids out for a walk and then to bath/bed. Then I am going to get some of that spring cleaning thing done-feeling for you Gail!

  4. Laurie-good vibes coming your way for surgery tomorrow.


    Hope everyone had a great day today-it was too beautiful to be anywhere but outside around here. So that's where we were all day-and I am truly a "redneck" now! LOL! I am sunburnt on the back of my neck from planting all day...


    This evening I am melting Vanilla Passion OMG and burning/baking sugar cookies...

    Goodnight all.

  5. I have no time for the unprofessional antics of this vendor. She has burned way too many bridges, and I cannot believe that she is still doing business. Wow-I think that is the strongest I have ever voiced an opinion on a vendor. I would be interested to know how orders pan out for anyone who decides to order.


    It's too bad that she is a loose cannon, because she has some wonderful blends.

  6. You will definitely fit right in around here! The funny thing about our group is that when someone looks at us like we are completely bonkers(i.e. my neighbor across the street when his wife was shopping my stash)-we just look right back and say, "What is so abnormal about this? I can show you hundreds of my friends that do the same thing!"


    Lol-have fun!

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