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Thanks & Merry Christmas!


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  1. Morning friends, long time no see. I hope everyone is well-I have been so busy that I rarely know what is melting around here. My dd has taken over alot of the changing of the tarts! (another addict has been born).

    I have been burning my Autumn Leaves YC this morning though-love it!


    I also have some Vanilla Cream(?) from scentsy going in my room.


    Hope you all stay warm and cozy today. Have a great one.

  2. Quick pop in-hey everyone! Good to "see" you!


    I am just home from work and needed some summertime scents to cool down-

    Lessie's Whipped Cream and Honeydew-Can Do

    Honeydew Melon-LOL

    Banana-Can Do



    Honeydew & Melon,Mango,Watermelon-triple layer Mainstays

    Fresh Ocean Flowers-BHG

    Easter Egg Hunt-YC



    Hope you are all staying cool and having a good summer so far. Hope this heat wave lets up soon.

  3. Good morning everyone-

    It's a beautiful morning out there, so I am hoping to get the bulldog out for a quick walk before the official roasting begins today! It is supposed to be over a hundred degrees all week...


    Nothing started new this morning so melts are overnighters-

    Olde England-Dreamsicle

    LOL-Un Bois Vanille


    Hope you all have a great day.

  4. Good Morning everyone. I am starting out the day with lots of candles-

    YC-Lucky Shamrock

    Mainstays triple layer-Honeydew and melon, Mango, and Watermelon

    YC-Easter Egg Hunt


    Organic Living-Driftwood and sand

    BHG-Fresh Ocean Flowers


    Haven't put any tarts in, but will do so when I get back in from working today...

    Hope you all have a wonderful day, and try to stay cool if you are in the heat zone today.

  5. Another busy day around here-ending it with a kid who is tossing her cookies. I am thinking she ate something that didn't agree with her, I hope. Flu and viruses aren't very common this time of year. So, I am going to have to discuss what she ate in the morning. I just want her to feel better and go to sleep! lol-

    The only thing cooking around here today is Scentsy-Skinny Dippin'

    It's their 'butt naked' and is pretty dang good!



    Night all and have a great day!

  6. Good Morning everyone. Just looking back through some posts and it looks like I have missed so much. Congrats to Maggie's nephew that is huge!!!


    Thanks for the tip about peppermint on the sunburn, I have several different peppermint scents in the bath and body stash, so I will have to remember to pull em out if I ever need.


    Enjoy the mountains Karrielynn, it sounds so nice.


    I have a few moments to myself this morning before I start the first job of the day so I am enjoying spaghettios and lays stax for breakfast-don't tell my kids! Lol! I started melting-

    FP-Lemon Drop Candy

    LOL-Vanilla Noel

    Bay Laurels-Strawberry Shortcake

    Bay Laurels-Desire


    Hope its a spectacular day for everyone!

  7. I have been melting some goodies lately, just haven't been posting. So busy with stuff lately.

    Tonight I am melting-

    Kettle Corn-CFTKR (in my dd's room at her request)

    Bird of Paradise-Cozy Cottage

    Boardwalk Breeze-Crabby Candle


    Hope you are all safe tonight from the storms.

    Have a wonderful evening.

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