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  by Carolyn O'Conner Brand: Irie Star Type: 4 oz. and 8 oz. candle tins. Scents: Celebrate (Wild Orange, Clove & Bay) Invigorate (Fir, Pine & Clary Sage) Cost: 4 oz. tin for $8, 8 oz. for $15) Scent Strength: Celebrate - strong, Invigorate - mild.    Introduction...
  by Carolyn O'Conner  Brand: Colonial at Home Scents: Vanilla & Passionfruit Blueberry Vanilla Apricot Mango Sorbet Citrus Blackberry  Cost: $1.69 each.  Scent Strength: Perfect for bathroom. Introduction to my Colonial Candle votive review... Back in June I reviewed a votive and some tealights from Colonial Candles that were sent to...
  by Carolyn O'Conner Brand: Beanpod Candles Scents: American Harvest Cinnamon Bun Oatmeal Cookies Type: 16oz jar candle Scent Strength: Pretty Strong   Introduction to my Beanpod candle review... Over the past few years, Beanpod Candles have been popping up everywhere and for some reason I always feel drawn...
  By Christina Rylan Brand: Enchanted Meadow Type: 8 oz. jar Scents: Mandarin Tea & Orange Pomegranate Cost:$13.00 Burn time: Approx. 50 hours Scent Strength: Lightly fragranced   Introduction to My Enchanted Meadows Review... Enchanted Meadow is a candle company I had never heard of and recently tried for...
by Christina Rylan Brand: Pacifica Candles Type: 7.5oz & 10.5oz soy glass candles Scents: Kashmir Bali Lime Papaya Thai Lemongrass Body Butter Cost: $19.95 for 10.5oz glass jar, Body Butter is $15.95 Scent Strength: Lightly scented Introduction to My Third Pacifica Review... Pacifica candles are definitely a favorite...

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