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NorthWood Candle Company – Scented Candle & Melt Review


by Julia Wooten

Brand: NorthWood Candle Company

Type: Melts, Cotton Wicked Status Jar, and Wood Wicked Cracklin’ CandlesNorth Wood Candle Company scented candle and melt review

Teakwood and Cardamom
Mandarin Tiki
Grandma’s Kitchen

Cost: $3.65 – $18.95

Scent Strength: Varied


Introduction to my NorthWood Candle Company review:

I was looking for something new… some new scents… a new company to try. That’s when NorthWood Candle Company appeared on my radar. The timing couldn’t have been better. Here was a locally well established candle company that was totally new to me. Though NorthWood Candle Company’s website, with its demure color palate and simplisticNorth Wood Candle Company scented candle and melt review design, didn’t grab my attention and shake it – I did appreciate how easy it was to navigate. The candle and melt style selections were easy to locate and the fragrance descriptions were detailed and well written. It had all the facts, Ma’am, but hold the frills. I much prefer a great candle over a flashy website any day of the week, so my first impression was good.

NorthWood Candle Company offers a good array of soy wax products, from glass container candles to travel tins, tea lights to melts. They keep it clean burning with natural soy wax, no dyes, and wicks made from cotton or wood. Besides individual sales, NorthWood Candle Company welcomes fundraisers. Candles make for great fundraising, and NorthWood Candle Company is ready to help get you started.

Based in Minnesota, NorthWood Candle Company’s products are available at many stores in several northern states, and thanks to the glorious power of the internet, we can all get our mitts on these candles, but be sure to check the updated shipping notice if you’re ordering from a particularly hot climate.

What really brought this company home for me was the story of its humble beginnings. After his father’s passing, the owner, Brian Bahr, went ahead with their plans to open a candle company. It was an idea they had shared and it was important to Brian to keep their dream alive and honor his father’s memory. The story of Northwood Candle Company can be found in the “about” section of their website.



What do my NorthWood candles look like?

North Wood Candle Company scented candle and melt review

All three of the candles I tried were status (metro) style jars. They were clear glass and open on the top. The jars all had elegant, understated clear labels with the NorthWood Candle Company logo and scent name which I liked a lot. Each candle jar was housed in a thin brown cardboard gift box. To me, the boxes were unnecessary and provided little protection during shipping. I appreciated the extra effort in presentation, but I would have gladly given up the gift packaging in favor of more cushion in the shipping box itself.

All of the candle and melt wax was a natural creamy white color. Teakwood and Cardamom had a single cotton wick. Mandarin Tiki and Grandma’s Kitchen were NorthWood Candle Company’s Cracklin’ candle style, each with a single wooden wick for that crackling fire sound.



How did my NorthWood candles smell?

Teakwood and Cardamom

This is one of NorthWood Candle Company’s top sellers. The scent description sounded good for a sultry summer evening so I couldn’t wait to try Teakwood and Cardamom. Here’s their description.

Teakwood and Cardamom from NorthWood Candle Company

“Exotic, masculine blend of teakwood surrounded by rich spices of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove. Cedar base notes with a touch of amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.”

See what I mean? Exotic spices on a base of woods and amber. If you’re a fan of dark, rich, masculine scents, this one should top your list. It skates the edge of smelling like men’s cologne, but just barely. It is less of a cologne and more of a home fragrance, like a bachelor pad. Wait, I don’t mean bachelor pad as in old pizza boxes and dirty laundry. I’m talking about Rock Hudson’s bachelor pad in the movie “Pillow Talk”.

I found the strength to be medium but plenty strong enough to fill my powder room with fragrance and waft down the hallway. The notes of teak and sandalwood were intense so I thought the candle strength was just right for this type of fragrance. If it were any stronger, I might have had a love struck dizzy spell like Doris Day had in the smooching scene with Rock Hudson.



Mandarin Tiki

Here is another sensational sounding scent for summertime.

“An upscale, complex aroma of mandarin rind, red currants, strawberries, and blueberries. Middle notes of watercress and palm leaves, finished with musky bottom notes.”

Berries and watercress may not be the first things that come to mind when considering a summer scent… or are they? Summer doesn’t necessarily mean a tropical beach getaway, but this scent’s got “tiki” Tiki Mandarin from NorthWood Candle Companyright in the name. That put me in a tropical frame of mind. How does NorthWood Candle Company put the tiki in Mandarin Tiki without such tropical staples as coconut or pineapple? They do it by adding palm fronds, fresh greens, and musk into a tart citrus blast.

Mandarin is by far the strongest, most prominent note in this scent. At first citrus and red currents were all I could smell. It smelled tangy and a bit bitter in a good way…could be the rind. With closer attention, I could smell deeper notes of musk and greens, but I wouldn’t have noticed them if I weren’t looking for them specifically. I didn’t smell much of the strawberry or blueberry in Mandarin Tiki. A more noticeable berry note might have sweetened up the scent nicely. As it was, I did enjoy this scent for its bold punch of fresh smelling citrus.

I don’t know if it quite had the tropical vibe that the word “tiki” implied, but as far as a strong summertime soother with pucker power, this one hit the mark.



Grandma’s Kitchen

As much as I like exploring exotic, romantic scents, and tiki huts, I’ll always find my way back to bakery favorites. With a name like Grandma’s Kitchen, this scent promised something straight from the oven. Here is the Grandma's Kitchen from NorthWood Candle Co description for Grandma’s Kitchen:

“The aroma of rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of roasted cinnamon sticks.”

Grandma knows that simple things in life often bring the most pleasure. A fragrance doesn’t need to be complicated to be great. Let me just say, this scent is simply outstanding! This is a delicious smelling baked treat. Creamy vanilla and roasted toasty cinnamon… can that really be all it takes to make a mouth watering aroma? In this case it is.

For the seasonal scenter, Grandma’s Kitchen may be best suited for Autumn. It was a cozy, toasted scent that I could imagine filling my home with warmth when the air turns cooler. As I write this, summer is upon us, but this scrumptious scent had my nose wanting to skip the August heat and fast forward straight through to fall.



candle flameHow did my NorthWood candles burn?

The cotton wicked Teakwood and Cardamom candle burned slowly and steadily with a 3/8 ” melt pool that reached the edges. I liked how long lasting the soy candle was while still maintaining a bright solid flame. There was a slight soy residue on the glass. It easily wiped clean between burnings.

The wood wicked Cracklin’ Candles also burned well. The flame on the wide wooden wick was pretty to watch, but the crackling sound was very faint. I could barely hear it throughout the entire burn. After a slow start, the wood wicked style kept a steady 3/8” melt pool.



How did my melts perform?

how did my melts perform?

Along with candles, I sampled wax melts in all three of these scents. I am happy to report (drum roll) the melts were awesome!! I tried melts in the three ounce clamshell style containers, but NorthWood Candle Company also offers single flower (scallop) shaped melts as well. In fact, at the time of this review, NorthWood Candle Company had some spectacular deals on sample packs of melts.

I used a standard burner plate style melter for these soy melts and had great results. The scents were medium to strong. The Teakwood and Cardamom scented melts lasted a super long time. I popped two cubes in the melter early one evening, left it melting overnight, and in the morning the fragrance was still so noticeable and true to original that I left it in the melter for most of the day. I am one melting maniac and can tell you that rarely happens around here.



Closing to my review…

I was certainly pleased with my NorthWood Candle Company closing to my NorthWood candle reviewexperience. I enjoyed all of the fragrances that I tried. Customer service was top notch. I received quick responses to my emails and turnaround time was fast. Who could ask for anything more? I spied lots of good sounding fragrances on their website that I’d like to try and their melt sampler packs would be a great way to do that. Thumbs up for NorthWood Candle Company. Now, let’s go shopping.

~ Julia

Visit NorthWood Candle Company website

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