Breezy Tulips Goose Creek Candles Wax Melt Review

by Andrea Haskins

Brand: Goose Creek Candles

Scent: Breezy Tulips

Type: 2.1oz Clamshell Melts

Price: $4.00

These melts were purchased online at Goose Creek Candle Company

About Goose Creek Candle Co.

Goose Creek Candles is certainly not new to CandleFind. They have been in business since 1998 and have come up with some crazy good scents. They offer several candle styles, wax melts, air fresheners, and plugins. But the sales – oh, the sales! We just…can’t…resist

First Impression Of  Breezy Tulips:

Tulips are my absolute favorite flower in the whole wide world. I’m madly in love with them. I even tried my hand at a tulip garden one year. Let’s just say I need to stick to tulips in wax form. Breezy Tulips sounded right up my alley, so it was one of the first wax melts to go into my cart.

I was so incredibly excited to get this wax melt in my hands. Goose Creek wax melts are the clamshell-type, but they don’t do the typical rectangular shape. Their wax melt packages are round and adorable. The picture on my wax melt let me know I was in for a treat…a field of tulips with a windmill in the background. Take me away!

Tulip Wax Melt Review

I popped open the lid and took a good whiff. Then another. I wasn’t getting much on cold sniff, but that didn’t really bother me. I know sometimes the magic doesn’t really happen until you warm the wax. Still, I went back to the website to check the scent description & reviews. Here’s the description from the website:

Spring begins to bloom as the fresh aroma of bright red tulips fills the Holland air.

Sounded good! Goose Creek does a good job of giving you lots of information to make a good scent choice. Further down on the page, they offered up this description of Breezy Tulips:

Imagine how wonderful it would be to visit Holland and stroll along dirt paths amidst vast fields of stunningly beautiful tulips. When tulips are in full bloom, they are quite a sight to see, and their natural beauty inspired us to create this Breezy Tulips Wax Melt for your springtime enjoyment.


Prominent scent notes:
Top: Red Tulips, Fresh Flowers
Mid: Pink Raspberry, Soft Greens
Base: Red Berries, Sandalwood

Ooooh yeah – reading all this made me even more supercharged, as I knew this wasn’t going to be a straightforward floral scent.

Melting  Breezy Tulips:

Two cubes went in my electric melter (24W) and I went about my business. I knew the magic was going to hit me soon, so I waited. And waited. No tulips. No breeze. No magic.

Since I had this in a large open space, I decided to move my melter to a small bathroom. I did end up getting a little whiff of a soft floral and hints of berries (which was nice – this kept this scent from being “too floral.”).  Still, I didn’t get all the notes I had hoped and I certainly didn’t get the throw I expected. I even later tried three pieces with not much better luck.

Scent strength I would rate as 2/5 and throw was definitely 1/5. Reading the reviews online, I’m thinking I just got a bad batch. I love tulips soooo much, I’m certainly willing to give this scent another try.

Happy melting!

Presentation: 5/5
Authenticity: 2.5/5
Scent Throw: 1/5
Scent Strength: 2/5
Overall rating: 2.6/5

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