Fall is officially here! Can you smell it in the air? The cool crisp breezes and glorious sunsets… and don’t forget pumpkins and all those yummy spicy aromas that go along with it!

I love Fall aromas and pumpkin scents are definitely at the top of that list. Starting early September is when you start seeing all the candle companies, small and large, switch gears and begin to stock all their Fall candles. Straight up pumpkin pie is my favorite but with all the new pumpkin blends on the market, it’s becoming harder to choose. I love them all!

So, to help me along – and you – I put a list together of pumpkin scents I plan on trying this season. Some are scents I’ve tried and love, others are new to me and candles I can’t wait to experience.

Happy pumpkin season!!

Pumpkin Pie from Pure Integrity

Pumpkin Pie

If you’re searching for a true and mouthwatering pumpkin pie that smells beyond realistic, this is the candle for you! It smells so realistic, it’s hard telling the real deal from the candle itself. You can smell every ingredient down to the nutmeg and boy is this candle a room filler. HIGHLY recommend this one to all you pumpkin pie lovers!

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Pumpkin Pie from Madison Valley Candle

 Best pumpkin Pie Candle

Put your nose up to this delectable candle and you’ll sigh with pleasure. It smells pretty authentic and I for one can’t wait to review this baby come October. YUM!!

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Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from White Barn

Best pumpkin pie candle

Okay, this isn’t a classic pumpkin pie scent but it’s still the bomb and a must try if you love sweet bakery pumpkin scents. It’s a staple in my home and a fragrance I tend to burn all year long. Yeah, I love it THAT much! White Barn has their version and so does the classic from Bath & Body Works. They’re likely the same.

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Rustic Pumpkin from Illume

Best Pumpkin Candles

Can’t have a best pumpkin candle page without adding at least one luxury candle to the lineup.

Rustic Pumpkin has notes of sweet pumpkin, nutmeg and Sandalwood. A cozy fall scent. I can’t WAIT to experience this candle from Illume.

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Pumpkin Spice from Pier 1 Imports

Best pumpkin pie candles

Nothing says Fall and pumpkin scents like a spicy and exotic blend from Pier 1 Imports.

Pumpkin Spice has notes of crushed vanilla beans blended with cinnamon-spiced pumpkin puree and pure nutmeg, sweetened by brown sugar and warm clove. Mmmmm!! Can you smell it? Pier 1 has a few different styles in this yummy fall scent so check one out next time your near a Pier 1 store.

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Sugared Pumpkin Swirl from Yankee Candle

Best Pumpkin Pie candles

We can’t list all these yummy pumpkin scents without at least one from Yankee Candle. I haven’t tried this candle yet but I have it from the highest authority from Julia that this candle from Yankee is the BOMB!! She’s already purchased three and planning on getting more and she never buys Yankee anymore. I’m sold and purchasing one with their next sale. YUM!!

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Frosted Pumpkin Cake from Goose Creek

Frosted Pumpkin Cake

Frosted Pumpkin Cake from Goose Creek came highly recommended by Julia as well so I in our best pumpkin list it goes. What a cute pumpkin shaped candle with it’s pure white wax. Just like buttercream frosting. YUM!! Frosted Pumpkin Cake is described as… Warm vanilla cake spiced with local grown pumpkin. Notes of buttercream icing, vanilla sugar and pumpkin spice make this festive treat absolutely delicious!

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Pumpkin Pie from Colonial Candle

Best pumpkin pie candles

Indulge in a classic, warm pumpkin pie spiced with nutmeg and clove.

I haven’t tried Colonial’s version of pumpkin pie but boy does the candle look yummy enough to eat.

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Pumpkin Latte from Chesapeake Bay Candles

Best pumpkin candles

As soon as I read the scent description for Pumpkin Latte, I had to add it to this list. YUM!!!!

Relax by the crackling fire and enjoy a simmering pumpkin latte topped with brown sugar, maple and creamy vanilla. The aroma of praline, pecans, and pumpkin frosting fills the room as we watch the leaves slowly fall from trees throughout the crisp autumn afternoon.

Oh yes! I’ll take five please!! It has a  bit of everything… fall, pumpkin and bakery all combined. Mmm!!

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Roasted Pumpkin from Northern Lights

Best pumpkin candles

Rich, velvety pumpkin, acorn and delicate squash slow roasted with melted sweet cream butter and a dash of rosemary and fleur de sel. 

The moment I read the scent description, I was sold. Slow roasted squash with sweet cream butter ? YUM!! Not only does the scent sound unique and amazing, the vessel itself is gorgeous. This is definitely a pumpkin candle I will for sure be purchasing.

Best Pumpkin Candles

And that completes our list for  the best pumpkin scented candles.  I’m sure there are plenty more out there and these ten don’t even scratch the surface, but it’s a good start and candles I for one can’t wait to try this fall.

Do you have any pumpkin candles you’ve tried you can recommend? Candles or scented melts? Post your recommendations in the comment section below. We would love to know which scents are your favorite.

~ Christina

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