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Want to save the calories on National Pecan Pie Day? Light up one of these best pecan pie scented candles and relish in the deliciousness...guilt free!
Celebrate National Pie Day without all the calories. Shop for one of these best pie scented candles instead!
June is National Candy Month! Avoid those extra trips to the dentist and pick one of these great candles that smell like candy instead.
Sweet, juicy, and unbelievably authentic. This mouthwatering candle smells almost good enough to eat!
Pumpkin Chai Madison Valley Candle ReviewBy Christina RylanBrand: Madison Valley CandlesType: 26oz large candleFragrance: Pumpkin ChaiScent Strength: Strong First impression of Pumpkin Chai:  We’re already well into March and I’m still burning pumpkin scents. No judging! I had so many to...