Candlefind What's That in My Melter?

Book Scents Candles is a pretty creative and fun candle company that I have really enjoyed trying out. They make fragrance samples in scent shot wax melt cups to give you the opportunity to try out their scents before committing to a candle. I tried an Apple of My Eye fragrance sample that sounded like it would be right up my alley.

I used the entire wax melt in a 20W hotplate electric melter. My wax melt piece was just shy of that 2 ounces and was such a pretty red color. Look at that gorgeous wax melt pool!

Book Scents Apple of My Eye Wax Melt

The scent description from the for Apple of My Eye reads:

A scrumptious fragrance of apples, caramel and popcorn

Ohmygoodness, this scent was absolutely delicious! There was a bit of sweetness from the apple and a lot of buttery, mouth-watering caramel notes. So, so good. I have to say, this scent reminded me a lot of Summer Boardwalk from Bath & Body Works, another one of my favorites.

Apple of My Eye was a pretty strong fragrance with a great throw – I had this wax melt in an open kitchen area and could smell it all throughout the main level. I kept it in my melter about 6-7 hours and kept those good results. This is definitely a scent I would look to purchase in candle form. Yummy!

Have you tried Apple of My Eye from Book Scents? What are your thoughts?

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