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Candle Lists15 Best Bookish Candle Companies for Bookworms

15 Best Bookish Candle Companies for Bookworms

These bookish candles are a book lover's dream!

Candlefind Best Bookish Candle Companies for Bookworms

We love books almost as much as we love candles. Combine the two, and it’s a win-win! We’ve rounded up a massive list of some of the best bookish candle companies for book and candle lovers, just in time for the holiday season.

Bookish Candle Companies

Book Scents

Book Scents Wrath Candle
Photo credit: Book Scents

Book Scents is top notch when it comes to bookish candles, which is why we lead with this as one of the best bookish candle companies you should try. Candle ranges include nods to the Outlander series and Harry Potter. With wax melts and different candle sizes, this is something for just about all book lovers, like this Wise Creativity wax melt.

Bookish Candle Companies

Briarwick Candles

Briarwick Candles
Photo credit: Briarwick Candles

With soy candles inspired by literature and fantasy, Briarwick is the place for book lovers to light. The candles and wax melts span the range, from Greek mythology to the wizard world and everything fantastical in between. They offer two candle jar sizes and wax melts to boot!

Bookish Candle Companies

Novelly Yours – Literary Collection

Novelly Yours Candles
Photo credit: Novelly Yours

Novelly Yours is certainly for book fans, as you would suspect. The soy candles primarily revolve around the reading experience instead of specific books. For example, there is Currently Reading, Reading Nook, and Beach Read. They also carry some destination scents and other fragrances as well. The descriptions of each candle are very detailed, so pull up a chair and snuggle up with your favorite cup of tea.

Bookish Candle Companies

Until The Very End

Until The Very End Candles
Photo credit: Until The Very End

For some variety, check out Until The Very End Co. They have bookish candles and other scents that revolve around pop culture. This company offers wax melts if you want to go flameless.

Bookish Candle Companies

Ellis Brooklyn

Ellis Brooklyn Candle
Photo credit: Ellis Brooklyn

The Ellis Brooklyn candles are sophisticated and unique, like Fable, Pseudonym, and Super Ego. Not sure which might be your fancy? They have a fragrance discovery kit for their eau de parfums, but that should set you on the right candle path.

Bookish Candle Companies

Smells Like Books

Smells Like Books
Photo credit: Smells Like Books

If it smells like books, it probably came from Smells Like Books. They have a wide range of soy candles and wax melts for literary buffs and all sorts of fandoms.

Bookish Candle Companies

Nook & Burrow

Nook & Burrow Candles
Photo credit: Nook & Burrow

Visit Australia’s Nook & Burrow to get your bookish candle fix on. They offer plenty of candles in a variety of fandom ranges. And yes, they ship internationally!

Bookish Candle Companies

Frostbeard Studio

Frostbeard Studio Candle
Photo credit: Frostbeard Studio

Frostbeard Studio is a no-brainer for book scented candles since they’ve been in the biz since 2003, acquiring a huge fanbase of book nerds. The soy candles are colorful and creative, making them fun to try. They have favorites such as Old Books and A Series of Fortunate Scents. You’ll find a range of candle sizes as well as wax melts to try.

Bookish Candle Companies

A Court of Candles

A Court of Candles
Photo credit: A Court of Candles

For candles inspired by the works of Sarah J. Maas, be sure to put A Court of Candles on your radar. They also have candles that are inspired by literature, TV/film, and games. The artwork on the candle labels is simply amazing and browsing the website is an adventure in and of itself.

Bookish Candle Companies

Lost Birch

Lost Birch Candles
Photo credit: Lost Birch

Lost Birch has a line of bookish candles that are 100% soy and incredibly unique. It’s no wonder it’s on our list of the best bookish candle companies! Check out Grapefruits of Wrath or Gone With The Wine for starters.

Bookish Candle Companies

From The Page

From The Page Candles
Photo credit: From The Page

From The Page describes their candles as “Candles for Bookish Souls.” They include candles that smell like books and ones that are scent profiled after some of your favorite classics. They have a wide range of soy candle sizes, as well as wax melts from which to choose.

Bookish Candle Companies


Spireside Candles
Photo credit: Spireside

Celebrate the classics with the book candles from Spireside, an excellent bookish candle company for book lovers. Choose from Malice In Wonderland or Pirate’s Revenge for starters.

Bookish Candle Companies

Flick The Wick

Flick The Wick Candles
Photo credit: Flick The Wick

The book inspired candles from Flick The Wick are all the rage, particularly for fans of fantasy or the young adult genre. They also offer a selection based on popular movies or tv series. You’re sure to be pleased with the gorgeous labels and the clean burns of the soy wax. They offer a couple of different candle sizes for your smelling pleasure.

Bookish Candle Companies

In The Wick of Time

In The Wick of Time Candles
Photo credit: In The Wick of Time

The candles at In The Wick of Time are 100% soy and vegan, with candles and wax melts catering to a wide variety of genres. With their wide variety, use the Scent Finder to guide you in the right direction. Aside from wax, pick up a gorgeous bookmark or two!

Bookish Candle Companies

Totally Wicked Candles

Totaly Wicked Candles
Photo credit: Totally Wicked Candles

The book-inspired candles at Totally Wicked Candles are sure to set you on the right page. They cater to a variety of fandoms and their candle labels are like miniature works of art. They have a ton of scent options in 4 and 12 ounce candle sizes.

That’s it! Our round up of 15 of the best bookish candle companies you can buy from these days. Don’t forget your book loving friends this holiday season – and grab yourself a candle or two while you’re at it.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Chime in below to let us know!

Happy candle burning!

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