Are you a candle lover on a budget and searching for cheap candles? Not words we ever want to hear. Good news… you can still find some great quality scented candles with inexpensive price tags.

inexpensive candle brands

Here are 8 candle companies that offer pretty reasonably priced candles for us budget conscience candle lovers. Some of them we’ve personally tried and do recommend, the others we’ve yet to try.

#1 – Hanna’s Candles

Hanna's Candles

Hanna’s Candles are next up on our list. These candles can be purchased from many stores througout the country but their main online venue is through I’ve tried a lot of candles from this company and for the majority, have always had a good experience. Some are hit and miss as with any brand but for the most part, very nice quality candles and the prices are awesome!! Candlemart also offers free shipping which is another nice bonus… every little bit helps.


#2 – Better Homes and Gardens Candles

Better Homes and Gardens candles

Better Homes and Gardens would be our #1 choice to recommend. This brand is found in all Walmart stores across the country and are very inexpensive. The fragrances are pretty darn good with a wide variety of scents and styles offered from candles to melts and warmers – I love the bakery scented candles pictured above, the small candles are $5 and the large 14oz ones are $8. The beauty, you can smell all the scents right there in your Walmart store before making your purchase.

#3 Sonoma Life Style Candles


Sonoma Life Style Candles are available at Kohl’s Department Stores and remind me of candles from Bath & Body Works as well as Yankee Candle. They’re offered in a variety of scents and can always be found on sale so the prices are very reasonable. I’ve found some great fragrances in a wide range of aromas.

As with any brand, these candles are hit and miss as far as scent strength. Some candles have scented large rooms for me, some only small bathrooms. They’re so reasonably priced though, it’s hard to complain and cold sniff, these candles smell great. Definitely worth a try next time you’re shopping at Kohl’s.

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#4 Febreeze Candles

Febreeze Candles

Next up, Febreeze Candles. Being honest here, I have no experience yet with these candles. They made our list because they’re pretty much in every grocery store as well as Walmart stores across the country. Their standard line (which I think are odor neutralizers) look like the one above available in grocery and drug stores but I noticed Walmart carries more stylish and larger jars as well as matching scented melts. Average price for these candles ranges from $5 up to $17 depending on the size candle.

#5 Glade Scented Candles

Glade scented candles

Glade Scented Candles are EVERYWHERE!! I can walk into any store being it grocery or drugstore and these candles are front and center. That makes it really nice when you need a candle and fast! Glade mostly offers fresh scents and all the candles are fairly small but they’re still priced in the cheap and inexpensive range. The nice part, you can sniff all the candles before purchasing. I wasn’t too crazy about the ones I’ve smelled but it could be my local stores only carry a small variety of scents.

#6 Airwick Candles

Airwick candles

Airwick Candles are up next… a brand very much like Glade only I think have a larger variety of scents to choose from. These candles also change colors while burning. Not sure how that works but it sounds interesting. My stores don’t carry this brand often but I do plan on trying some and soon. Average price for these candles, $5 – $8.00 making them very affordable.

#7 Carolina Candles

Carolina Candles

Carolina Candles look very similar to Yankee Candles but trust me… they are nothing alike as far as fragrance quality. Yankee blows them away in that department. This brand is pretty cheaply priced and available in almost all grocery stores. In my store, the average price for a large 20oz candle is $12.00. That’s pretty darn good. Their prices have always tempted me but honestly, not enough to purchase any. I’ve smelled all the fragrances in my grocery stores and I didn’t care for *any* of them. To my nose, they smell chemically and synthentic. That’s my opinion though… I would still smell them and decide for yourself. Your store may have better quality scents mine don’t carry.

#8 Patriot Candles

Patriot Candles

Last but certainly not least we have Patriot Candles. This brand is great and affordable and can be purchased at Walgreens Drugstores. I’ve tried several of these candles and although they aren’t super strong, they’re decent and boy do they have a nice variety of scents to choose from. I think I like that best. They offer single scented jars or triple layered candles like the one pictured above. Those are always fun because you get to sample 3 different scents in one candle. Average price on a large candle in $9.99. That’s a total bargain! I think this is a great brand to try… go sniff some next time your near a Walgreens.

And that candle lovers concludes our list of candle brands we think offer cheap and inexpensive candles you may find worth trying.